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Shit I Liked This Year

This is the shit I've enjoyed this year, musically.

I don't pretend to have Reaper's extensive prowess of every review. But I do listen to a wider range of music than most and have a pretty fun year-end list of shit I loved in no particular order. I did this last year and folks were mildly amused by it.

I do want to stipulate that most of the stuff on this list is not from 2013, it's just stuff I've enjoyed in 2013.


Secret Mommy released this a year or two ago. Found it this year. If you ever wade around in "glitch" techno, there's nobody more colorful, fascinating, and fun to listen to these days.

Bryan Ferry of Roxie Music put together a hot jazz band to cover Roxie Music's best songs on mono, to make it sound like it came out in the 1920's.

Antony & the Johnsons are fronted by a transgendered dude who, on this song, sings of a secret attraction and love that cannot find its way to the surface due to, I guess, the unfairly restrictive standards of society. Beautiful song, wedding song stuff.

Kishi Bashi is a Japanese multi-instrumentalist that puts together these kooky, wonderful, bilingual pop tunes. This stuff is even better live.

Two saxophonists and a drumset in a subway tunnel. These guys used to play in Washington DC in the subways all the time until they got a record deal.

Just an astonishing album off a fascinating album. Flutes, disembodied choirs, reeds and horns, electronic squiggles and what sounds like a drum set being thrown down a staircase.

Johann Johannsson puts out all kinds of songs like this, that honestly just sound like an angel's orgasm.

Old fashioned guitar band with a hilarious, fun vibe.

Woodkid is the very epitome of what "orchestral pop" sounds like. This is an immensely powerful song that just explodes from start to finish.

I love Max Tundra every year. This is what truly creative electronic music SHOULD sound like -- ARE YOU LISTENING SIMPLY RED?

"Man of Steel" was alright. But the soundtrack was Zimmer's best work ever.

Little club jazz, everything zeroes in on Porter what he calls his chocolate soul.

Disco's come back hard the past couple years. Daft Punk is ushering it in, but Penguin Prison had the best modern disco this side of those robotic loveship captains.

And really, this topic of this song is long overdue.

A fun, kinetic rock song with great lyrics, great musical creativity, and phenomenal energy. One of my favorites.

This one is more personal than anything. A friend of mine had a miscarriage -- a common, but incredibly depressing experience. And this was a song dedicated to her: what sounds like a child's mobile being haunted by angels.

The Bad Plus: very heady pop jazz, a trio of all incredibly skilled musicians and, more importantly, songwriters.

I used to love Bloc Party, before they became terrible. This song was a total ****ing shocker, because it's actually amazing. A static song full of potential energy that just never gets released.

Just ran across this on YouTube. My favorite instrument, being handled by some random genius I've never heard of.

Huge fan of Sufjan Stevens. And this album was so bizarre and wonderful. This song, however, is really tame -- a piano and 25 disembodied voices.

C'mon. Who didn't love this band this year?

Another random genius on the internet. This guy played Aphex Twin live on his goddamn drumset. Un****ingbelievable how perfect this is.

Finally tracked this guy down -- you might have heard this song on WWII in HD. An electronics album that is smart, diverse, and well crafted.

Daft Punk probably had the best album of the year, in all honesty.

If Daft Punk didn't Majical Cloudz did. They are such a great band that understands how to put together an emotion in song-form. Also, one of the few indie bands that feature a strong vocalist. Why do indie bands not give a shit about singers?

All id, all power. All beautiful.

I've got a beard. This song spoke to me.

Fyfe had a really good album this year of experimental singer-songwriter stuff, with this song being the true stand out. It tells you everything it needs to in about 4 lines, and then devolves into electro-drums and a horn section. All wraps up in about 3 minutes, such a comprehensive-yet-concise expression of an idea.

Joey Bada$$ is rap music the way I like it. Pretty much my speed, nonstop rhyme-spitting, and some Chance The Rapper thrown in.

Best vocalist I ran across this year? I think so. This is a guy who can fill a goddamn stadium.

Nobody was bigger into shoegaze rock 20 years ago than I was. I still listen to a ton of it, but nobody does it better than these definers of the genre. I was so happy this album didn't suck. The fact that it's actually incredible is a bonus.

These guys crack my shit up. A marching band with cheerleaders, and really hilarious compositions. I'd die to see these guys live. Hang through the very end on this one -- I promise you it will be worth it.

Just a touching, lovely song to end your day on.

that is all.
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