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Family In Need - Please Read

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I haven't had a lot of sleep so I apologize in advance if I leave anything out or fail to make sense! I'm happy to answer any questions I can.

I have a good friend with a 16 year old daughter, Bethany, in my son's class. Our other two daughters are also best friends. They have four children in all. For quite some time Bethany hadn't been feeling well. She had been diagnosed with Mono. Last Monday they couldn't wake her up so they rushed her to the ER. She was then life-flighted to Mercy hospital in Des Moines, IA and had emergency brain surgery that evening. She has a large tumor they couldn't remove. They simply removed pressure.

Her tumor is inoperable and is a very aggressive brain cancer called "Stage IV Glioblastoma". So in less than a week they've gone from a normal family with a sick daughter, to having told all four of their children that Bethany's days on this planet are numbered. I can't imagine the pain they're going through.

My wife and I went to the hospital to visit the family yesterday. Bethany is having issues with one side of her body and face but is still so sweet and positive. She knows what's going on but is spending her time enjoying everyone's company. She even named her tumor, LOL. Soon, she expects to go back to school for a little each day to be around her friends. My son and his class mates are taking care of her class ring for her.

Guys, there are good people and there are great people. This family is full of great people, even though they are damn Cowboys fans Mike follows the Chiefs though and has been to Arrowhead with me on more than one occasion.

If you're the praying type, please send them to a wonderful family in rural Iowa. The family does have health insurance but what's ahead is likely to break them financially. You can donate in two ways. American State Bank (641-784-3120) in Lamoni, IA is accepting donations. You can also send any donations to my personal PayPal email address which is christytad
If you send as Personal no fees will be deducted on my end but that is completely up to you. I'd appreciate if you would include your forum name so I can eventually compile a list of all those who helped. Some of you can't help financially but can help with positive karma and prayers. That is appreciated as well!

The family are the Gruich's of Lamoni, IA. My friend, the dad, is Mike. The sick daughter is Bethany.

It has been a long week so if I left out important details, or my post was confusing in any way, please let me know ASAP.

Also, here is a CaringBridge link her Dad setup. Keep in mind that if you donate on the CaringBridge link you're not actually donating to the family, but rather to the website, which is also a worthy cause.

Thank you so very much,

This is Bethany after surgery

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