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The 2008 draft maybe a preview for our future

In 2008 the Dolphins had the #1 pick in the draft. Bill Parcells was running the franchise and chose the safe route by choosing LT Jake Long over Matt Ryan (3rd pick) and Joe Flacco (18) when the team needed a QB. The fins then selected Chad Henne with their 2nd pick (57) in the 2nd round right after Brian Brohm was picked. Henne was appealing to Parcells because he was a four year starter in a pro style offense at Michigan. He looked like a pro QB at 6'3" and 230 lbs.

If Pioli is retained, he will most likely choose a route similar to his father-in-law. The Chiefs have two key free agents this off season and will likely keep one with the use of the franchise tag (have the Chiefs ever signed two big $$$ free agents in one year). With Luke Joeckel's position in the top 5 of this draft and no WRs in the top 10 (WR provide more risk also), the Chiefs will choose to retain Bowe and draft Joeckel with the #1 pick. Joeckel will take Albert's spot and the chiefs will draft a QB later in the draft, most likely with their 2nd round pick.

Look for the Chiefs to choose a QB that plays in a pro-style offense that is a three or four year starter. This QB will have the physical characteristics that most QBs in the NFL have. Pioli will not draft a Russell Wilson. My best guess would be Tyler Bray. He is a multi year starter with the physical characteristics to be an NFL QB that plays in a pro-style offense.

The Dolphins had Chad Pennington and he started for one year prior to Henne taking over. The Chiefs will likely choose a similar path and sign a veteran to start for one year while this rookie sits the bench.

An unlikely wildcard in this scenario would be if Pioli is retained and he chooses to hire Josh McDaniels as HC. McDaniels has been coaching Ryan Mallett for a year as Brady's backup. I doubt Pioli would go back to the same well with Pats by trading for another QB, but it is possible if McDaniels comes to KC.

I'm not saying that I endorse any of these decisions. I don't think this is what the Chiefs should do. Frankly, I'm tired of playing GM. The Chiefs personnel decisions have been so bad that it is frustrating to think what might have been. I do think that it is more interesting to try to predict the future and what decisions might be made. History can sometimes help predict the future.
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