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The start of my juice cleanse/fast.

Alright lads, I started my juice fast/cleanse today and I thought it would be fun to keep everyone updated with where I am. I have already found two recipes I do not like. I thought this kind of thread would be a good way for anyone who is currently doing it or thinking about doing it. You can see me make the mistakes and then learn from them if you want to do this yourself. If you have any good recipes definitely put them in here. Anyone who has any type of input feel free to share it!

Reason for juice cleanse/fast: Doctor recommended for possible solution for migraines. He recommend this also as a good way to lower my blood pressure, LDL and CDL's, none of my numbers are really high, but they could definitely be lowered. I also am getting surgery on my ankle to take my steel plate out and install another newer plate, he said this would help with joint pain and healing. I also watched quite a few different documentaries and read a boat load of articles and I just love what the juice cleanse can do for you. It's not a diet for me, it's a lifestyle change. I want to be healthier for myself, my wife and out future kids. Personally I think I will always incorporate at least 1 juice meal per day after my cleanse.

Cost so far: I bought an Omega 330BM juicer at Bed Bath and Beyond, I had a 20% off coupon and I got it for $130. I spent $39 dollars on 2-3 days worth of juicing items (cucumbers, kale, celery, ginger root, carrots, kiwi, lemon, apples, pears, berries and strawberries). I will update this pretty regularly because I am not sure how much I will go through initially.

Starting numbers:


First two recipes:

Breakfast: 6 carrots and a head of romaine lettuce. Did not like this recipe, it tasted like carrot dirt water. Definitely would alter or not use this recipe.

Lunch:Mean Green juice(off fat sick and nearly dead website). 2 cucumbers, 2apples, 6-8 kale, 1/2 lemon, 4 celery, 1tbsp ginger root. I havent drank this juice yet, but I did try it when I made it. I read online to leave the lemon peel on, it makes it taste a little more lemony. I found the opposite, it makes it more bitter. This juice I would envision to be like take a cows chewing cud and spinkle lemon juice and water on it lol.

Dinner: I will probably make something fruity, because I will need it.

Tips I have obtained and learned that are good to know: Do not make fruity juices to drink at night. Once you get over the detox period, you will have much more energy, if you drink a fruit juice mixture it will definitely keep you up. There are properties in the greens that help mellow you out a bit. I got this tip off a website of a black woman who has a youtube called Raw Raw life, she is super insightful, definitely recommend checking her page out.
Starting off I would definitely recommend spending the money on buying extra fruit, you have start off on the right foot, if you only drink the greens with minimal fruit you aren't going to like it. You can start off on the fruit and pull back after you get used to it.

The cleanup takes longer than making the juice. Buy a good juicer, mine is super easy to clean and use, its a pain, but that comes with the territory.

Thoughts so far about possible road blocks: The only real concern I have is the caffeine withdrawal. I spoke to my doctor about this before I did the cleanse and I have weened myself off of caffeine to some extent, but I know this will be hard for the first 2-3 days. I also don't look forward to taking runny poo's all day.
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