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keg in kc
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Doctor Who

Been meaning to start a thread on this for years and never have for some reason. Big fan of both the original (what I've seen/remember of it...) and the rebooted series.

New doctor:

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Doctor Who: official BBC 3-day anniversary event announced

BBC Worldwide is to host a 3-day event at ExCel London over Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary weekend…

Those of you with diaries and the means to travel to London town, flip/swipe ahead to the weekend of November the 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2013. Nice and empty so far? Then get your biro/digital writing device at the ready.

BBC Worldwide has just announced its official Doctor Who 50th Celebration Weekend, taking place from Friday the 22nd to Sunday the 24th of November. The event is to be held at ExCel London and has room for 15,000 Who fans. That’s an awful lot of Tom Baker scarves in one place.

The event, as no good Doctor Who fan needs to be reminded, marks 50 years since the BBC’s debut broadcast of the First Doctor serial, An Unearthly Child, which went out on Saturday the 23rd of November, 1963. An enormous number of half-century Who celebrations are taking place throughout 2013 (and indeed, the world), including dedicated programming, short stories, a range of celebratory merchandise, and, unless we're wrong, a great deal more that's yet to be revealed.

Amanda Hill, Chief Brands Officer at BBC Worldwide said: “Generations of fans young and old have been captivated by the Doctor and we’ve seen Doctor Who go from strength to strength, enjoying something of a global march over the past few years attracting new followers from Turkey to Brazil to South Korea. This year long celebration is an opportunity for fans around the world to come together and celebrate the glorious past, present and future of Doctor Who.”

To find out more information including who’ll be attending the Doctor Who 50th Celebration Weekend in London, exactly what’s happening, and how much tickets will cost, sign up to the doctorwho.tv newsletter for early news.
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Doctor Who: Peter Davison thinks no older Doctors in 50th anniversary episode

Peter Davison has said a few words on whether Doctors past will be making an appearance in the 50th anniversary special...

Monday the 18th of March is the date Who producer Caroline Skinner has confirmed the 50th anniversary special will begin filming, and no doubt information as to location and guest stars will begin to filter through when it does. That said, the team is particularly adept at keeping secrets (including, remember, the genuinely surprising reveal of Jenna-Louise Coleman's role in Asylum of the Daleks which wonderfully made it to the screen intact despite the episode having been seen by hundreds of journos and fans), so don't expect to know everything before the credits start. Indeed, why would you want to?

One thing people do seem very keen on knowing though, is how much truth there is to the persistent 'Eleven Doctors' 50th anniversary special rumours. Another day, another Doctor denies, prevaricates, or wiggles his eyebrows knowingly in response to the question, "Will you be appearing in the anniversary special?".

The latest to do just that is Fifth Doctor (and David Tennant's father-in-law), Peter Davison. Speaking at a recent Mysticon Convention in the US, Davison said, "I don’t think it will involve the older Doctors, certainly in their present form, because of course we’re meant to look exactly as we did when we left the TARDIS and none of us really do". While the previous Doctors would likely be seen in the special, "I should think it’s probably footage lifted from older Doctor stories", said Davison.

Davison then went on to joke that "I decided that if we weren’t going to be involved that I would get together with Colin [Baker] and Sylvester [McCoy] and make our own little special. We’re going to get into the 50th anniversary special whether we’re invited or not!”

All that may need to be taken with a pinch of the white stuff, as Davison also confirmed that upon his return from the convention, he had a meeting scheduled with the head of BBC Wales "to go through various things the BBC have got planned. I don’t think she’s going to offer me a part in it… I might be wrong.”
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Any info on when the William Hartnell biopic "An Adventure in Space and Time" will come out?
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Filming is set to start next month (February) in London at the BBC Television Centre and will eventually move to Wimbledon Studios. No premiere date for the film was mentioned but BBC America says we can expect it sometime later this year.

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Cameron provides a ready reckoner of what we know so far about the 8 new Doctor Who episodes starting later this month...

Warning: contains potential spoilers aplenty.

We are less than three weeks away from the world's greatest television show returning to our screens and, like the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, rumours are flying higher than a Dalek on doomsday.

But what do we actually know about the upcoming series - what is fact and what is just a made-up internet rumour? As with previous years, not all the episodes have confirmed titles (despite what other sites may say), so let's have a look at what's coming up, starting on the 30th of March.

Episode 1 - The Bells of St John
We know the opener features Star Wars: The Phantom Menace actress Celia Imrie and that it is set in contemporary London. Last week the BBC released a promo pic which gave us a taste of new nemesis, the Spoonheads. Apparently, these guys are gonna "battle the Doctor as he discovers something sinister is lurking in the Wi-Fi." Some smirks have guffaws have been made at these new guys, with more than one reference to Button Moon being made on the internet.

We'll also meet Clara again, which will no doubt add yet another layer to the mystery of who she is.

Episode 2
Not much is known about this story from newcomer to Who and Luther creator, Neil Cross, but we have seen some curious images and moments from it. The first trailer, aired after last year's Christmas Special, revealed a hideous being, not dissimilar to a Syrcorax, in a glass container. The most recent pictures from the BBC have revealed that this chap is known as "The Mummy" and does resemble what could lie beneath the traditional bandaged Mummy we all know.

Steven Moffat has repeatedly used the word "amazing" to describe the tale and states that it includes the "best alien planet we've ever done". Rumour-wise, some sources suggest the title is "The Rings of Akhaten" and that the Egyptian flavour may well see a return for that nasty Osirian, Sutekh - last seen in the Tom Baker classic, The Pyramids of Mars.

Episode 3
Now this little beauty from Mark Gatiss has quite the cast. And quite the returning classic monster. On the cast front, Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham takes centre stage, as a submarine captain, as does the legend that is David Warner (Tron, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country). Curiously, we don't know anything about his particular character, though some suggest Warner could very well be playing an "Ice Lord".

But an Ice Lord of what? Well, we know for sure that "classic" Who monsters The Ice Warriors are back, and voiced by Nick Briggs (the man behind the Daleks and Cybermen). The Mars bad boys are at the "heart" of this "base under siege" story, fulfiling a of a "long-term dream" of writer Gatiss. Back to rumours though, and it would appear that the Russian submarine/Ice Warrior story may well be called, The Cold War.

Episode 4 - Phantom of the Hex
And the brilliant guest cast lists just continue! Step up Hollywood star Dougray Scott (Mission Impossible II, My Week With Marilyn) and small screen actress Jessica Raine (Call The Midwife), who will be seen playing Verity Lambert later this year in the Mark Gatiss "genesis of Doctor Who" drama, An Adventure In Space & Time.

The former is playing a professor in this second instalment from Neil Cross (though actually finished before his other script in this run of episodes), which has been described by the production team as a "cracking ghost story". Cross himself says, "The challenge was to do something that has never been done before in 50 years of the show," adding that it's the kind of "episode that would have terrified me when I was 9 years old."

Episode 5 - Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
Remember The Invasion of Time? And that amazing romp through the TARDIS? OK, it wasn't that amazing but looks like this time we might just get something slightly better than a shonky looking swimming pool and a Sontaran runaround.

The Curse of the Black Spot writer, Stephen Thompson, returns for his second Who outing which promises us more of the TARDIS than we've ever seen and some "multi-dimensional geometry". Other than the fact it stars the talented and, if the preview was anything to go by, goggle-wearing Ashley Walters (Inside Men), this one is a mystery (due to the fact that so much filming was behind closed doors).

Episode 6 - The Crimson Horror
Mark Gatiss is back, again! And look's who's also returning - Team Vastra! Another returning feature is the fact that there's a factory with the name, Brightwell & Hyman. Sound familiar? No? Anyone?

Well, eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that the matchbox that Rory used in The Angels Take Manhattan had Brightwell & Hyman emblazoned on it…

But the main feature of this tale is surely the fact that Dame Diana Rigg (The Avengers' Emma Peel) has graced Doctor Who with her presence. Not only that, she's brought her daughter, Rachael Stirling (Tipping The Velvet), along for the ride too! It's a period drama that promises scares, though Stirling did describe it as "joyously camp."

Episode 7 - The Last Cyberman
We say it's called The Last Cyberman but Neil Gaiman might have had a last minute change of mind, if his tweets are anything to by. Anyway, as the title, or not. suggests, the Cybermen are back and as the trailer demonstrated, these guys are a little different to the previous "Cybus" versions seen since 2006.

The cast are an impressive bunch, featuring Tamzin Outhwaite (Eastenders), Warwick Davis (Return of the Jedi) and the brilliant Jason Watkins (Being Human, Pyschoville). It's set on another planet with Gaiman returning scares to the Cybermen - seems like a challenge that The Doctor's Wife author is more than capable of.

Episode 8
Unsurprisingly, very little is actually known about the finale. Fact-wise, Moffat has said it contains "serious fanboy-pleasing" and in the recent press release the show runner said The Doctor's greatest secret would be revealed. But we also know that Team Vastra are back, again, and could this be the episode that Richard E Grant returns too as Dr Simeon?

Also returning, undoubtedly, for the Steven Moffat penned story is Alex Kingston who hinted some time ago she had filmed for this series (with Caro Skinner and Matt Smith also confirming she would return in 2013). Some extras on the shoot have stated that some scenes are set in Victorian Scotland (an era Steven Moffat seems fascinated with).

More so than any other batch of episodes, this lot are pretty mysterious - and we like it that way. Doctor Who is as memorable for its scares as it is its shocks and twists. Keep 'em coming Cardiff!
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New episodes hit BBC And BBC America March 30, and the publicists seem to releasing something new every day. Here’s what turned up Sunday:
The Bells of Saint John - Episode 6
The Doctor’s search for Clara Oswald brings him to modern day London, where Wi-Fi is everywhere. Humanity lives in a Wi-Fi soup. But something dangerous is lurking in the signals, picking off minds and imprisoning them. As Clara becomes the target of this insidious menace, the Doctor races to save her and the world from an ancient enemy. Written by Steven Moffat, directed by Colm McCarthy (Ripper Street, The Tudors), and produced by Denise Paul (Taggart).
The Rings of Akhaten - Episode 7
Clara wants to see something awesome, so the Doctor whisks her off to the inhabited rings of the planet Akhaten, where the Festival of Offerings is in full swing. Clara meets the young Queen of Years as the pilgrims and natives ready for the ceremony. But something is stirring in the pyramid, and a sacrifice will be demanded. Written by Neil Cross (Mama, Luther), directed by Farren Blackburn (Luther, The Fades) and produced by Denise Paul.
old War - Episode 8
The Doctor and Clara land on a damaged Russian Submarine in 1983 as it spirals out of control into the ocean depths. An alien creature is loose on board, having escaped from a block of Arctic ice. With tempers flaring and a cargo of nuclear weapons on board, it’s not just the crew but the whole of humanity at stake! Written by Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) and directed by Douglas Mackinnon (Silent Witness).
Hide - Episode 9
Clara and the Doctor arrive at Caliburn House, a haunted mansion sat alone on a desolate moor. Within its walls, a ghost hunting Professor and a gifted psychic are searching for the Witch of the Well. Her apparition appears throughout the history of the building, but is she really a ghost? And what is chasing her? Written by Neil Cross and directed by Jamie Payne (The Hour, Call the Midwife).
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Steven Moffat Doctor Who series 7 part 2 press launch Q&A
News Simon Brew 18 Mar 2013 - 07:10
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The Ice Warriors, directors, The Bells Of St John and all things Doctor Who. Steven Moffat has been chatting about the lot...

Last Friday, the BBC held a small press launch for the return of Doctor Who, which heads back to our screens on Saturday 30th March with The Bells Of St John. Our spoiler-free review of the episode can be found here.

Once the episode was over, there was a Q&A session, which for the most part was an exercise, as all concerned admitted, in saying a lot without actually giving anything away. As such, Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and Steven Moffat were quizzed on such matters as to whether they were on Twitter, plans for the 50th anniversary of the show, and how things were going.

So here's what Steven Moffat had to say...

On The Bells Of St John...

We were talking about the fact we were going to have to do a modern day story to introduce Jenna yet again. But this time, not kill her. And Marcus Wilson, our producer, said, "let’s do it as a proper London thriller"

So it's as close as we can get ... to James Bond. It’s a very, very Doctor Who-ized version of that.

On the pacing of Doctor Who...

Of course it’s got faster down the years. But the truth is all television has. If you look at old Doctor Who compared to other television shows at the time, it was faster. So, yes, you do try and go madly fast in Doctor Who. More stuff, more colour and more sooner all the time.

On the first three episodes of Doctor Who series 7 part 2....

Actually can I just tell you that I think what we’ve got, in effect, this year is three opening episodes. The next two are fast-paced nail biters as well. So as normal we get one big, super-fast mad one at the beginning and settle down. But we don’t settle down for ages in this one. It’s like having three episode ones in a row.

On Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS...

You will go to the heart of the TARDIS. You will see more of the TARDIS more properly than you’ve ever seen it before. It’s all that stuff.

I remember years ago in the Radio Times there was a little article saying "in this week’s episode the Doctor dodges the Sontarans through the many rooms of the TARDIS". I could not wait for Saturday. But there was a problem with the scenery or something and they shot it all in a disused hospital. And it was so disappointing. And I thought that day, "some day, somehow, I will do what I can to get into television and do that properly!"

And that worked out. So Michael Pickwoad [Doctor Who production designer] goes mad and gives us the TARDIS and gives us all manner of things.

On the balance between pleasing fans and keeping the show accessible...

It’s been a long time since we’ve bothered, really, hasn’t it?

I think there was one problem within the first year when it came back. Because I think everyone just became a fan. And the truth is people stop me in the street with the most abstruse questions. And they’re real people. They’re not fans like me. And I’m thinking, "you’re not supposed to know that stuff. That’s supposed to be mine!"

To be honest, it feels like everyone’s a fan. The level of knowledge is very intense. But it’s very, very easy to keep Doctor Who accessible because it’s designed to be. The format can be summed up in such a short sentence, even after all this time. It’s a man who can travel anywhere in time and space in a box that’s bigger on the inside. We’re done. That’s all you need to know. Everything else you can pick it up.

People quite often ask me, usually Americans, "what’s a good jumping on point?" And you say "that’s like asking, what’s a good James Bond film to start with?" They’re all fine. You’ll get it. I don’t think it’s difficult.

It’s surprising how much the general audience want the detail and the continuity and the call backs to their childhood, because we all remember it.

Then we got a question in ourselves...

You talked about television has got faster over the years and I was taken at how well directed that episode was. The scale of intensity of what directors are doing with television at the moment has just been on a real roll for the last ten years or so. I’m wondering where you’re finding your directors and what kind of things you’re looking for. Because we’ve talked about how Jenna’s jumped into the show, but you’re bringing lots of new directors and talent in as well?

Where do we find them? We find directors like Colm [McCarthy] there, sitting right behind you, with ambition, not just to get the show made but to show off a bit. That’s what you’re looking for. Directors who – and it's the same with Sherlock – actually actively want to impress you. They’re not just there to get the show done in the time. Which is actually quite difficult in itself. But ones who are really ambitious – storytellers.

And we make no demands on Doctor Who for it to be the same every week. We are saying "this one’s your one. Make it your one".

We say that to the writers as well. Treat it like you own it. And that’s really important. So there’s a category of writer and a category of director – and that category is called talented, I would say – where they leap at that. They say "his is mine. Right now it belongs to me and I can do what I like with it". That’s what we want. People with authorial ambition.

On why he's not on Twitter anymore...

The trouble is, it does take up your time when you start looking at it. When I sit at that computer I need as few distractions as possible. So I removed it from my life.

I think it’s a fascinating thing Twitter. And as a means of promoting something it’s brilliant, extraordinary. The trouble with it…I think if you’re involved in something like Doctor Who [and] go on it - and I haven’t done this - [then you would need to] go on with a different name. Because then you can just talk to people as opposed to everybody asking you "how does Sherlock survive?" or something. It gets a bit tedious after a while.

On the return of The Ice Warriors....

Oddly enough, I slightly resisted them.

First of all, I don’t think we still have to go into the back catalogue of the old show anymore. Originally we did that to affirm that this new thing really was that old thing. Now that both shows are merged together and nobody really bothers to make a distinction between them anymore, we don’t really need to do that. And I always slightly thought they’re slow moving and you can’t hear what they’re saying. Is that the archetypal slightly silly monster?

But then Mark [Gatiss] had been going on and on about it during a phone call which was meant to be about Sherlock, [and] he started pitching this idea…a couple of very, very clever ideas of what we could do with an Ice Warrior. And I went for it at that point.

But we were very concerned, as you’ll have seen in the clips, that that design hasn’t been seen enough to be updated in a way. So it’s a super version of the original. Sometimes you think a design should be upgraded because it’s so familiar. That one is slightly less familiar so you will be seeing the Ice Warrior in a familar form but with at least one big surprise.

Doctor Who returns on Saturday 30th March 2013.
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Doctor Who: new footage, episode titles and posters
News Louisa Mellor 18 Mar 2013 - 08:14
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Step this way for a veritable cornucopia of Doctor Who series 7B goodness. Posters, trailers, new episode titles, the lot...
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Watch the Steven Moffat-scripted prequel to new Doctor Who episode, The Bells Of St John, here...

"I think I'm probably incredible"

This is a lovely thing. Two and a half minutes of despondent Doctor, the oldest, strangest child in the universe, in a playground, talking to a little girl.
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Doctor Who: see the Strax prequel here

Ever wondered how Strax came to work with Vastra and Jenny? Here's the Sontaran's very own prequel
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Doctor Who Returns: Here’s a Quick Guide for New Viewers

By Graeme McMillan
9:30 AM

One of the smartest things about the BBC’s Doctor Who is that the long-running sci-fi show — which celebrates its 50th anniversary this November — has a built-in renewal mechanism that keeps the show fresh and leaves the story mostly unencumbered by what came before. When the title character experiences the sort of trauma that would kill lesser mortals, the Doctor ”regenerates” into a new actor, offering a new entry point for viewers, and removes the weight of continuity.

While the current incarnation of the Doctor is in the midst of his third season, this Saturday’s episode, “The Bells of Saint John,” is actually pretty close to a quiet reboot of the series, with a new companion joining the Doctor after the loss of his former time-traveling friends. That said, if you’re relatively unfamiliar with Doctor Who history, here’s what you might want to know before tuning in:

At the start of the episode, the Doctor — the last of a near-immortal alien race who travels through time and space in a living time machine called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) — is on his own, something that historically goes badly for him due to the resulting loneliness and the absence of a human perspective on his actions.

He is looking for a companion to join him in his travels, of course. This time it’s Clara Oswin Oswald, a human woman whom he’s met twice before. The problem is, both of those meetings happened centuries apart on different planets, and both times the two crossed paths, Clara ended up dead. Clara, therefore, is the most attractive of things to the Doctor: not only a fearless, snarky, potential partner-in-crime, but also a mystery waiting to be solved. Is she being constantly reincarnated as herself throughout history — and if so, why?

(For the truly comprehensive, the previous episodes Clara appeared in are “Asylum of the Daleks,” the first episode of this season, and “The Snowmen,” the 2012 Christmas special.)

But for new viewers, the tone of the show may be even more important than the continuity. At its heart, Who is a show with all-ages appeal, and one that tends toward fairy tale logic in its storytelling, particularly since the fifth season of the reboot when actor Matt Smith took over as the Doctor (and even more importantly, Steven Moffat took over as head writer and showrunner).

At its best, this fairy tale quality evokes an epic scale for the stories: Characters wait thousands of years for their true love to return, romances survive death and even the rewriting of history. But it also means that the show has a habit of fudging plot points and details of what’s actually happened in favor of a big narrative flourish meant to evoke grand emotions. Literalists and pedants will likely find themselves driven to distraction by the plotting at times, while others might prefer something more subtle to its sentiment and melodrama. But it’s a show that has a lot going for it, and a lot to differentiate it from its peers.

Inventive and amusingly dedicated to unnerving its audience with small-yet-creepy ideas at the heart of its stories, Doctor Who is a series about smart; not only is the Doctor a character who prefers to outwit (or, if needs be, outrun) trouble rather than overpower it, but episodes and entire seasons are increasingly based around mysteries intended to be solved not only by the characters but by the viewer, with clues dropped where you least expect them.

As talk-show host, comedian and Who fan Craig Ferguson once put it, Doctor Who is a show about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism. On top of that, it’s simply fun to watch. If you haven’t checked it out, you could do much worse than trying out this Saturday’s new episode.

Doctor Who airs on BBC America this Saturday, March 30, at 8 p.m. EST.

There is link to the prequel as well.
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Gonna be a great weekend for TV. New "Doctor Who" and "Game of Thrones"... and to a lesser extent, the "Walking Dead" finale.
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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat says "all will be made clear" on Clara in series 7b

Steven Moffat has been chatting about the forthcoming episodes of Doctor Who, Diana Rigg, classic monsters, new companion Clara & more...

Yes, yes, we know what you're going to say: the Doctor lies, Steven Moffat lies, and there isn't a Father Christmas. Putting that to one side though, Moffat has promised that the mystery of "impossible" companion Clara will be uncovered over the next eight episodes of Doctor Who. He said it in public, in print, and on the world wide web, a place where no untruths or exaggerations exist. Ahem.

Moffat also said a number of other things in the course of a long-read interview with Collider. We've cherry-picked a few answers from the man himself, as the world gears up for the return of Doctor Who this Saturday.

On what Jenna-Louise Coleman brings to the series as Clara

What Jenna, in particular, brings is that she has a speed and wit and an unimpressed quality that makes the Doctor dance a bit harder, I suppose. He works a bit harder with Clara. Obviously, she’s secretly devoted to him, but she’s a little bit harder to impress. She’s tough, she’s fast and she’s hard to impress, which is exactly the way the Doctor, generally speaking, doesn’t like them, but of course, he’s absolutely devoted to Clara. That’s very much driven by Jenna’s particular style, which is very, very fast and snappy. She’s a beautiful girl, but there’s a real sense of toughness, and she’s someone who can be a real adversary, if she wants to be.

On how he decided on Clara as the next companion

You have to think that this is somebody who would fly away in that TARDIS, and that the Doctor would want to fly away in the TARDIS with. The Doctor is quite picky. He doesn’t like everybody. He’s a difficult man to deal with. It’s not just anybody that he actually forms a proper friendship with. And what sort of person would run through those blue doors? An awful lot of people would run the other direction, probably including me, to be honest. So, you have to imagine somebody who’s ready to say, “Yes!,” to running away with a clearly insane man who has a time machine.

On whether Clara will remember her other incarnations in the new episodes

Well, I would know the answer to that question, and certainly wouldn’t give it to you. You will uncover the mystery of Clara, in the next eight episodes. All will be made clear, and you’ll get your answer that way.

On what can he tell us about new foes, the Spoonheads, in this weekend’s episode The Bells of St John

Not very much because you’re about to learn all about them on Saturday. Suffice it to say, Wi-Fi covers every civilized country, so if something got into the Wi-Fi, that would be a problem for us all. It’s a new way to invade us. Beyond that, the Spoonheads are for Saturday.

On how the Spoonheads compare to previous villains

Well, that’s not really for me to say. I don’t know. I never know which ones are going to be the big scares. But, The Bells of Saint John is an action roller coaster, whereas the Weeping Angels story and The Silence story were more consciously designed to be more scary adventures. But, it’s really not up to me. It’s up to the kids to say which ones give them nightmares. I’ll not pre-judge it. I think they’re quite creepy, and I think it’s a rollicking adventure ride.

On how Dame Diana Rigg became involved with forthcoming episode The Crimson Horror

Mark Gatiss, who wrote that episode and who works on Sherlock with me, was appearing in a play with Diana Rigg’s daughter, Rachael Stirling, and he said to Rachael, “I think you and your mum should play the mother and daughter parts in this Doctor Who that I’m writing,” and they were up for it. So, it was all down to Mark and his little black book.

On how Luther’s Neil Cross became involved with The Rings of Akhaten and Hide

Neil Cross is a writer that I knew of, but had never met. He’s done Luther and written some books. He’s a terrific writer. I’ve also read a script he’d written a few years ago. We never quite got it together when Caroline Skinner came onto the show. Neil Cross is an old friend of hers and she said, “I’m going to chase him and see if we can’t work the schedules out.” He’s a huge Doctor Who fan, but he did not have the time to write an episode. This time, he leapt at the chance to shove everything out of the way and do it. What I’m looking for, all the time – and this sounds terribly snobbish and awful – are showrunner-level writers who’d give their right arm to write a Doctor Who story, and it’s surprising how often we get that and how many of our writing team, if I can call them that, are showrunners themselves. It was a gift to us. Neil took to it like a duck to water, so it was brilliant.

On whether he’s tempted to repeat the purely historical episodes of Doctor Who

I don’t think it’s impossible, but I’m going to put my cards on the table and say that I didn’t think those historical adventures were very good. I didn’t like them. I thought they were dull. Insofar as I remember them as a kid, I couldn’t wait for them to be over, so we could get back to proper sci-fi. I’m just being honest. They weren’t my favourite. That doesn’t mean that we won’t come up with a story that is historical. But, I think they were discarded for a reason. Even before they were discarded, they were always regarded as the lesser element of the show. If you’ve got this glittering man in this extraordinary space-time machine, just having him visit the past isn’t enough. I don’t think it is. There has to be something as extraordinary as he is, otherwise it’s like Sherlock Holmes investigating crimes. It’s just not enough for our hero.

On why the Doctor resists taking along companions when it’s good for him

Well, if you were told that the way to heal yourself, make yourself a better person and to function better was to permanently endanger another human being, you might be hesitant, too. He is aware that he causes damage to those people, or can cause damage, and he keeps them in terrible danger. He’s also aware that a relationship or friendship for him, like it or not, is postponed bereavement, and it’s not even postponed that long. He will outlive them. They will die and he will be roughly the same age. So, those two factors make him very, very hesitant about taking someone on board. There’s also the fact that he’s the Doctor. Can you imagine trying to tell the Doctor something, trying to put him right, trying to explain something to him and have him believe you?
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50 Years In The Making: 'Doctor Who' Wins Peabody
Iconic science-fiction series wins first ever honor from Grady College

by MICHAEL HINMAN, posted Mar-27-2013
Source: Airlock Alpha

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'Doctor Who' wins its first Peabody Award, celebrating 50 years of television greatness.

'Doctor Who' wins its first Peabody Award, celebrating 50 years of television greatness.
BBC Worldwide

It's 'Doctor Who' ... On A Stamp
BBC Two Plans 'Doctor Who' Biopic For 50th
BBC To Air Only 6 'Doctor Who' Episodes This Year
Steven Moffat Trying To Stay On Top
John Simm Not Planning 'Doctor Who' Return
Russell T. Davies Loans Dalek To 'Doctor Who'

The Peabody Award from the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism is just a mere 22 years older than "Doctor Who." Yet, for the first time ever, the two have finally crossed paths -- just in time for the BBC show's 50th anniversary.

"Doctor Who" was named a recipient of the Peabody Wednesday, joining 38 others in the 2012 class that includes the best in electronic media.

"Our list of Peabody recipients for 2012 demonstrates the range of superb work," said Horace Newcomb, the Peabody Awards director, in a release. "From local to national to international, from radio to television, broadcast to cable to Web, the Peabody sets the goals for every type of media production. We'll continue to do this, no matter how the world of electronic media develops."

"Doctor Who" was the only genre property to be honored this year, and will take the coveted award just in time for it to celebrate 50 years on television. BBC is planning a special 50th anniversary episode that is rumored to be bringing all the Doctors back together, as well as a biopic written by popular writer and actor Mark Gatiss.

The show currently stars Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman.

The series won an institutional Peabody, reserved for those who have been a part of the electronic media landscape for a long time. It was selected by a 16-member board filled with television critics, industry practitioners and experts in culture and the arts.

"Seemingly immortal, 50 years old and still running, this engaging, imaginative sci-fi/fantasy series is awarded an Institutional Peabody for evolving with technology and the times like nothing else in the known television universe," the committee said in naming "Doctor Who" a winner.

Since the decade started, only one other genre project has won a Peabody, with HBO's "Game of Thrones" taking its award last year. There have been a handful of winners since the century started, however, including Syfy's "Battlestar Galactica" in 2005, "Dexter" on Showtime in 2007 and ABC's "Lost" in 2008.

The awards will be presented in May. "Doctor Who" returns to BBC and BBC America on March 30.
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The marathon has started leading up to tomorrow.
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