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Movies so bad you couldn't even finish them

Lets all list movies that were so bad you couldn't even finish them. This will give folks a heads up on what films to avoid at all costs.

I'll start...

Gerry - Hands down the most boring film I've EVER seen. It stars Matt Damon & Casey Affleck and its basically just them wandering through out the desert. ****in awful movie. I cant believe the same guy that directed Good Will Hunting and My Own Private Idaho directed this garbage. Avoid at all costs!

Gangster Squad -I couldnt believe how dumb this movie was. The script was terrible as well as the dialogue. And i couldnt believe that all those awesome actors (Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn , Josh Brolin) even agreed to do this shitty film.

Valkerie - THis is the worst Tom Cruise film I've ever seen. I walked out of the theater with about 45 minutes to go it was so stupid and boring. Basically its just a bunch of close up shots of Cruise talking on the phone to other people. Very little suspense or action in this.

Cosmopolis - I Looooooove David Croenberg films but hated this one. Easily his worst film. It stars that Twilight dbag and he cant act worth shit. They should of cast Joseph Gordon Levitt or someone that could actually act for Christs sakes.

Pearl Harbor - Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?
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