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Rain Man
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Why do we have so many nutcases and morons in public office?

I read the thread about the Pennsylvania guy calling veterans traitors if they're liberal, and we've all seen the clip of the guy who thought Guam would tip over if we built too much, and everything in between.

Why does this happen?

I recognize the problem of having partisan areas. If you have an area where the Republicans will always win, stupid voters will elect a stupid Republican even if he/she is taking on a smart Democrat. And if you have an area where the Democrats will always win, vapid voters will elect a completely insane Democrat even if the option is a sane and reasonable Republican.

So we know that stupid, uninformed voters are a major part of the problem.

But the bigger question to me is why the various parties let nutjobs and morons run for office in the first place. There's a system of caucuses and primaries that should weed out people who are going to be an embarrassment and detriment to their own party and platform. Why doesn't that work?

I guess I can see on a very local level that the only person interested in the position is a whacko or imbecile, and the structure is such that they can push through the caucuses and primaries just because no one else is there to oppose them. But for U.S. Congress? There should be no shortage of people with an interest in that position. I would think that even a state legislature position would attract more than one person.

It's as if we have two systems that have failed: the parties will help get these people on the ballot and then the voters will elect them.
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