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Old 05-14-2006, 07:19 AM  
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The Way It Looks In Israel & Ministry Report.

The Way It Looks In Israel & Ministry Report.
Posted: Friday, May 12, 2006
- written by jerry golden

From www.thegoldenreport.com Once again we learn of how Hamas is buying arms and having them shipped in by way of the Egyptian Sinai Desert. Most of the new arms being brought into Gaza are to arm the soldiers with Russian made Kalashnikov Automatic machine guns, and handguns for hand to hand combat. All these weapons are coming into Gaza without any problem as the Egyptian security guards are turning a blind eye to the smugglers.

We still hear on the main line media how Abu Mazan is still a partner for peace with Israel, but the truth is that his al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade part of the Fatah terrorist group is still run by Abu Mazan, and he is bidding for the illegal arms coming across the Egyptian border, along with al Qaida and the Islamic Jihad. In fact, the battle between the terrorist groups has escalated to the point that they have called a truce and are now said to be joining forces to destroy Israel rather than fight each other over who gets the most weapons.

In the mean time, here in Israel, Olmert is putting the strangest collection of bed partners any Knesset has ever seen. There is no one I know of who thinks this Government can last very long, but the bad news is it could well last too long for our good.

Already we are now hearing out of the Prime Ministerís office that he will agree to divide Jerusalem, and evacuate most of the Jewish Settlements in Samaria and Judea. What he is talking about is ripping around 200,000+ Jews from their homes much like his hero Ariel Sharon did in Gaza. What is even harder to understand is that he is planning to do this with no pressure except from George W. Bush, while the rest of the world can plainly see with Hamas now running the PA and declaring their goal to be the total destruction of Israel, and to take the land from the river to the sea, Israel must defend itself. Even with the common knowledge of the build up of arms in Gaza, Samaria and Judea and with world opinion now in favor of Israel, Olmert wants to continue with the Sharon plan and even go one step further, to divide Jerusalem.

Even Jordanís King Hussein and Egyptís President Mubarak are waking up to the fact that al Qaida and Hamas are a serious threat to their own Countries. Just a few hours ago 20 Hamas Terrorists were arrested with hundreds of weapons and explosives in Jordan and have confessed of plans to terrorize the Jordanian people. With terrorist bombs killing so many in Dahav, Sharm and Taba, Egypt has come to the conclusion that they face the same Islamic enemy as Israel faces. But they still canít bring themselves to join into the fight with Israel because of their strong belief in the Koran.

With all the above none of it compares to the threat that Iran is, not only to Israel but to the whole world. And this crazy Iranian President who believes it is his calling from Allah to usher in the Moslem Messiah who will in turn conquer the world for Islam. He also believes that it is his duty to acquire nuclear weapons to destroy the enemies of Islam, mostly the US and Israel. What is amazing is, none of this is a secret yet we sit still while he builds his nuclear bombs.

Iran is using the criminal Palestinian gangs along with Egyptian, Sudanese and al Qaida Terrorists. All three are taking orders from the Iranian RG intelligence. Daily, Sudanese infiltrators are caught coming into Israel by way of the Negev Desert.
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Chiefs Express II is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.Chiefs Express II is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.
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It is not easy to take crazy people seriously. They are hard to believe. They like it when you think that they are dangerous. It gives them a sense of validation. If you call them out on their rhetoric they more times then not show that they were not as bad as they said that they were.
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Lake is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.Lake is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.
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