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Kansas working on law to require Doctors to tell patients abortion causes cancer

These kind of topics usually don't interest me, but this interests me more on the "government competence" front than pro-life/pro-choice:

Gwynn: Legislators factually incorrect in anti-abortion bill

By Katherine Gwynn

•Feb. 25, 2013

On Feb. 6, HB 2253 was introduced in the legislature, a 70-page bill that endeavors to severely restrict reproductive freedom in the state of Kansas. It further limits freedoms of individuals with the capability to become pregnant who decide to terminate a pregnancy. And while there are numerous sections in the bill I could criticize and tear into about their complete lack of respect for individuals’ rights to choose, as well as inserting religious doctrine into secular governmental regulation, I’ll focus on one section in particular. Specifically, how it requires doctors by law to feed false information to their patients when they consider receiving an abortion.

The bill states that “abortion causes breast cancer.” This statement originates from an outdated study that has long been disproven. In fact, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in February of 2003 “a workshop of over a 100 of the world’s leading experts who study pregnancy and breast cancer risk … they concluded that having an abortion or miscarriage does not increase a woman’s subsequent risk of developing breast cancer.”

Yet Kansas legislators – even though they could discover this by, you know, talking to a doctor for example – insist this is “medical fact” rather than antiquated and discredited research. In which case, if we’re allowing information that has been disproven by science to still reign as reality, then I declare Pluto is still a planet. Because science used to say it was.

Personally, I think I’ll trust medical professionals rather than politicians when it comes to what is actually medical fact. Which “abortion causes breast cancer” is not.

This section’s inclusion in the bill not only stands out as morally wrong – requiring doctors to lie to their patients in order to coerce them into decisions about their bodies sounds like a hypocritical no-no to me – but tarnishes the reputation of the University of Kansas Medical School.

Just this past summer, the University received accreditation as a National Cancer Institute. This is incredible, not only for what it means for increased opportunities and funds for medical advances at KU Med, but in terms of the recognition the University has received for the work its students are doing to end cancer. But requiring doctors that train at KU Med who go on to practice in Kansas to tell individuals that they are at risk for breast cancer if they receive an abortion is an insult to the field of cancer research, and to the doctor-patient relationship.

Also, the National Cancer Institute? They’re kind of the ones who, if you remember from earlier in the article, have said breast cancer and abortion have no correlation. So now our med school would be required to basically train doctors who practice in Kansas to say, “Hey that big important entity who funds us? And who are cancer experts? Yeah, those guys have no idea what they’re saying.”

You might be pro-choice. You might be pro-life. But either way you should be kind of pissed that your legislators are trying to get your doctors to lie to you, about something that has blatantly been proven is a lie.

Also, I can’t be the only one tired of a bunch of people in Topeka being so incredibly concerned about the future of my ovaries that they’re willing to write 70 pages of anti-abortion legislation, in the fourth strictest state in terms of abortion regulations, when we have other things to focus on — like the economy.

So call your legislator. If you don’t know who they are, go to openkansas.org and type in the address where you’re registered. E-mail them, tweet them, call them, whatever. Just let your legislature know that this piece of legislation? Yeah, not cool, bro.

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