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View Poll Results: Which will be Goatboy's NEW team?
Bills 0 0%
Dolphins 0 0%
Pats 1 2.00%
Jets 0 0%
Ravens 0 0%
Bengals 0 0%
Browns 0 0%
Steelers 0 0%
Texans 3 6.00%
Colts 0 0%
Jags 0 0%
Titans 1 2.00%
Donks 2 4.00%
Raiders 2 4.00%
Chargers 0 0%
Cowboys 3 6.00%
Giants 0 0%
Eagles 0 0%
Redskins 0 0%
Bears 0 0%
Lions 3 6.00%
Packers 1 2.00%
Vikings 2 4.00%
Falcons 0 0%
Panthers 1 2.00%
Saints 0 0%
Bucs 0 0%
Cardinals 0 0%
Rams 2 4.00%
49'ers 2 4.00%
Seahawks 2 4.00%
Welches yet again, and remains a Chiefs fan 20 40.00%
Tries to forget he posted it, and hopes time will forget all 4 8.00%
Other 1 2.00%
Obligatory Gaz option 0 0%
Voters: 50. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 09-15-2008, 05:44 PM   Topic Starter
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Back from the Lurk cave.

Ok, back for round two (out of the lurk cave for a while).
Why I left are my own reasons, why I’m back, is another matter all together.
To finally make that wannabe Goatcheese FINALLY own up to something for once in his miserable life.
He welched on a $50 bet a few years ago where he was suposed to pay the cash to the 37Forever foundation, and like the fu@ktard he is, he welched.
Through the years he’s done this countless time’s in various styles.
Bottome line this turd’s word is as good as a $6 bill with Clinton’s picture on the front.
But this time our mystic swami has finally run his mouth one time too many.

First Nostradamus makes a "bold prediction"


I'm going to go ahead and call it

We're going to DESTROY the Raiders this week. They don't look improved AT ALL, and in fact they are probably worse. Their defense still sucks and they can't throw the ball for shit.

This is our home opener and their first road game. Russell will throw AT LEAST one interception, and Huard will move the offense up and down the field all day. Bowe and LJ will rape, Charles will bust at least one big run.

Chiefs BIG over the Raiders on Sunday. BOOK IT!

Oakland 23
Chiefs 8

Then he said it!

Post #30
"If we lose next week I will find a new team. THERE IS NO WAY WE ARE LOSING TO THE RAIDERS. NO WAY."

Taken in the text in which our terminal turd tamper posted this message, we are all "led to believe" he is refering to saying ****off Chiefs, hello "?????"

IF this is the case then..
Ok, son, time to pony up!
Had the tables turned, and someone bet you a sig line, you’d be all over him/her like white on rice.
Now’s time to pay the fiddler!

So, Who’s it gonna be ?
Inquiring minds want to know??

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