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Old 11-25-2004, 12:09 PM  
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About the Kansas City Chiefs, we can point fingers here, there, everywhere, but....

the Bottomline is, it all starts and stops with Peterson! Reason I say this, is, he is ultimately responsible for bringing in our personnel and coaching staff. It is obvious since he is the GM I just say this to be logical. But, honestly now, the Kansas City Chiefs should have been to the SB or won it! Peterson has failed to build this team. All he had to do was build a defense, so far it has been 4 years and he still can't build a decent to good defense. Let's face the facts, the Chiefs are about as mere as 1/2 a team. And that's what Carl has built. 1/2 a team. so I give him a little bit of credit when it comes to our offense, in that aspect of our team he has done well. I think most of it, had to do with Vermeil and co. but, I truely am convinced now, that it is either Carl or our scouting staff that are bad evaluators when it comes to evaluating talent and character in football players. I am beginning to see a trend here. why is it? That,the Kansas City Chiefs are "so good" at one side of the ball, and absolutely pitiful on the other? Let's take a look back, at our history: When Marty was the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, our defenses were feared around the league. Marty knew a thing or to about defense. But, didn't know much when it came to offense. Now, is that the reason why we were so pitiful on offense? Because our coaching staff back then weren't good evaluators and not knowledgable when it came to offensive talent and charactered football players? and I guess, Carl and his scouting staff weren't knowledgable either when it came to offense. but, our coaching staff was knowledgable and good evaluators when it came to defensive talent and character. that's why we had a good defense I guess. so whatever they said and thought was good for this football team Carl followed, I'm guessing

So, in turn, let's enter the vermeil era. Here's a coach that's very "offensive minded" , but, doesn't know jack when it comes to defense. Is this why our defense sucks so much a$$? Cause let's face it, Vermeil said himself, he's not a defensive coach. So I'm assuming he's not a good evaluator when it comes to selecting defensive players. Part of the process, I think, in evaluating talent, is not only the GM, scouting staff, But, the coaches play a big role. So you would think our GM and scouting staff would know a thing or two about defense to help out Vermeil and co. instead, that hasn't been the case. And like I said before, whatever our coaching staff thought was good for this football team Carl followed, and again, I'm guessing

I'm under the impression Carl is displaying his true sense of character, he's rather much a "follower" than a "leader". I dislike the fact, I sound very judgemental, but, reality has forced me display my feelings about Carl. I recall, Carl on 810 saying he is going to dismantle the defense, and rebuild it from ground up. This is something that shoulda happened 3 years ago! Instead he failed and failed miserably. Failing to fire Greg Robinson. Giving FAT contracts to guys like McCleon, Barber, and Holliday. Drafting guys like Ryan Sims, LARRY JOHNSON, Kawika Mitchell, and Julian Battle. All are non-factors in our defense. So what is on Carl's mind right now? To dismantle the whole defense and build it in one year? Not likely gonna happen. He has to accept the fact that he failed, and be a fuck'N man, pardon my language, come out reveal yourself to the fans that you've failed and take the blame.
That would be the smart thing for him to do.

You know I'm kinda tired to hear everybody around the league talk about how our defense is pitiful, and how our offense is good. And, how we need players on defense? this is all overrated in my eyes. the fact is, we need a new GM and new scouting staff period. You know how, Bill Parcells says, "you are what your record is". My belief is, "you team is what your GM is". I hate to say this Chief fans, and I know it's been a rough year, I see plenty of rough years ahead if Carl is still the GM. I don't feel good about our draft, despite our underachieving record. I don't feel good about which defensive players we acquire in the off-season. the fact is, as long as Carl Peterson is our GM, I don't feel good about our franchise at all. Time for a new over-haul.
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