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Old 10-05-2000, 02:08 AM  
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I realize that many things will change between now and the 2001 draft but every week this year TSN is posting a mock draft. For entertainment purposes only, here's our first pick in this weeks "2001 Mock Draft." Please no wagering.

With the seventeenth pick in the draft the Kansas City Chiefs select...

LaMont Jordon RB Maryland

"Gunther Cunningham wants the Chiefs to be a run first team in 2001 but needs a premier back to do it. Jordan has all the tools and the size to be a premier back by Week 1."

That'd work for me.


Remember Kansas City's hero, Joe Delaney #37.
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AZChief is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.AZChief is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.
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Any idea what he has done this year so far, I watched a little of the Florida State game, but don't remember what he did?
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The little I know of him is that he has been disappointing so far this year. His stock is currently dropping. However he did break a 74 yarder against FSU last Thursday night and brought it the distance, outrunning the FSU defensive backfield which is rare. Obviously he has some wheels.

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Cormac is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.Cormac is a favorite in the douche of the year contest.
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I started posting last week about LaMont Jordan, and that his slow start might just bring him down into our range, ala Dan Marino in 1983 falling down the board. Jordan is why I was asking how to post an address you could click on also last week.
You all need to read up on this guy. He is awsome. He runs hard through tacklers (unlike McAllister), he outruns people in the open(74 yarder against FSU), he catches passes, he THROWS passes.

There is a piece on him (was yesterday anyway) on NFLTALK.com, and if you go to this site...

... you can get all kinds of info on him. It is well worth your time to go there and not only read that article, but hunt around in the sites at the left on that site and read each game info about Jordan.

His game this Saturday is on at 11:00 AM Central Time on HTS. Can't wait to see it!

Say no to Dillon, keep the committee this year, and hope like hell this Mock Draft is accurate.

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