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Doggity Report: Cincy at KC

My old pal Mr. Doggity issued his first Doggity Report for the 2006 season this morning. He's written game summaries the last few seasons, and after a year hiatus, put together his first one for 2006. His reports will be posted and hosted, starting tomorrow, on my Chiefs webpage at:

Here's an advance copy:

September 11, 2006
Week 1 – vs Tiggers at The Head

Caught it on the big TV downstairs, after spending the morning in the office.

Circumstances dictate that I open this first report of the new season, and new era by calling for a moment of silence. The date of this writing says it all. Five years has passed and much has been said about the efficacy of the world’s and our nation’s response to that day’s events. But for a moment, let us remember our brothers and sisters who went to work that fateful, sunny Tuesday morning, and became unwitting pawns of history, leaving behind those who cared for them, and depended upon them.

It is also fitting that we should all hold up Trent Green in our thoughts and prayers after suffering a viscous hit in the third quarter of yesterday’s game that left him unconscious and prone on the turf for 11 minutes. The good news is that no fractures were found, and he has motion and feeling in all his extremities.

Now on with the debacle. It was noted that the Chiefs had not worn their white-on-white uniforms at Arrowhead since at least the late 1970’s. How fitting that nobody could remember for certain. Such were those Chiefs teams of the late 1970’s. Who could ever remember the awesome teams coached by Paul Wiggin and Tom Bettis? Hey, the 1977 team won two games! I can’t see that happening if the team that showed up yesterday plays every weekend. This team looked very familiar to those of us old enough to have faint recollection of Tony Adams throwing to Larry Brunson, and Mike Livingston
handing off to Tony Reed. Was the hit on Trent illegal? I don’t know Geathers claims he meant no harm, and was blocked into Green. He was bumped by a wide receiver. Since when do sprite little wideouts drive D-linemen into other people? Green was clearly hook-sliding, and I have seen flags for far-lesser offenses.

Offense: OK, raise your hand if you want to be Herm Edwards’ starting quarterback.

I thought not.

I heard that the Chiefs’ worker’s comp carrier dropped them when Peterson
hired Herm. I know that one game does not a season make. And for a brief moment in the first half, they actually moved the ball! But if we have to rely on Damon Huard the way the 1969 Chiefs did Mike Livingston, we’ll get a nice draft pick out of this campaign. I realize this was Mike Solari’s first day doing game play calling. It looked like it. The play selection was awful. But the execution was worse. Jordon Black will henceforth be known as “Diamond Lane” – you know the multi-occupancy express lanes on the freeways of bigger cities? Crossing over Jordan has become the path of least resistance
for opposing defensive ends. Kyle Turley needs about 30 more pounds, and a move back to the right side. Big Willie – wherefore art thou?

Defense: The re-tooled D looked very good at times, and very lost at others. The play of the defensive ends, Allen and Hali was just as advertised, as was the improved play of the corners. The Achilles heel remains the fat boys up the gut. Gun clearly did not have his kids ready for the “no-huddle”. Once Cincy went to calling plays at the line, Gunther’s sons went into hibernation. Solari has an excuse for poor game-day coaching. Cunningham does not.

Specials: The punting was sporadic, but that may be expected on a day with a pretty steady rainfall. Tines pushed a 51 yard FG attempt, but if the offense hadn’t imploded, he wouldn’t have been there in the first place. Dante looked scared, and gave up a fumble that led to Cincy’s first score. Not exactly a stellar first day on the job, for new specials coach, Mike Priefer, either.

The AFC West:
The Donkeys – Jake the Joke did the choke in St Louis.
The Bolts – play tonight
The Criminals – play tonight

Finally, To all of my fans (both of you – you know who you are), thanks for your patience as I made a major career change and sorted through myriad distractions in my life. Please note that this is representative of the size and scope of the Doggity Report this year. It had become too long, and too difficult to keep up with. It’s good to be back.

Next up: The Donkeys at Anonymous Corporate Sponsor Field at Mile High.
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