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Nowhere else to post these..

Please ignore the formatting, I'm too tired to indent all this. It's 1:00am. I am posting these because I am lacking the will to finish typing another story I completed this past weekend. These are probably pretty f***ing bad, but I have no idea if they are because nobody tells me. So, don't be too harsh...

Small Town Satire I; written July 2005
Any given Friday night in rural America, from September to October -and possibly November if fortunate-, the lights from the field go up and the hometown crowd gathers like swarm of like colored moths to those hallowed gridiron grounds.

It's football season.

In one community, throughout countless Friday nights in their history, lies one infamous night. October 31, 1997. You know about it, don't you? No, there wasn't some sort of supernatural occurance, so just get that out of your head.

Well, I know all about it. I was there, I saw everything. A sophomore at Sioux Junction High, the remarkable Class of 2000. I was all about Sioux Junction Savages pride, despite the questionable choice in mascot.

Anyway, it was homecoming week in Sioux Junction, and this year my family paid -in my opinion- entirely undue attention to the whole thing. My sister had somehow got herself elected as the freshman attendant to the homecoming court. She got the good looks of the family, I did not.

The anticipation for the Friday night game had been building, not because of the annual festivities, but because Sioux Junction was undefeated through nine weeks of play. On Halloween, the Savages would be facing the Gerrold Greyhounds. The Greyhounds were undefeated as well, and many in the armchair football coach community considered this to be the 4B State Championship game. The winner of this game was practically assured the title, as there was no other team that seemed to be able to compete with either the Savages or the Greyhounds.

My sister was elected two weeks before the game, so by that time I had already grown weary of her excitement and the attention she was receiving. Many a time I tactfully mentioned that this shouldn't be the singular and penultimate event in her life, and she should possibly aspire for greater things. She'd cry after I would say that.

My father sternly rebuked me for the comment. "She's going to be a princess for a night!" my mother would say. "How often does that happen?"

That was taking it a bit far. Princess? No, I wouldn't even say that if she had a chance of being elected queen. Being elected queen was impossible anyway, as the principal rigged the election such that a senior won.

Oh, don't be mistaken. I loved homecoming that year. Not because of the pageantry, or the lovey-dovey ooey-gooey goodness of it all, no. You see, I won Missy Clement's "date for the game" lottery that week,

Missy Clement. Wow. She was stunning, the sexiest and most beautiful in our class. I remember her hair that night, and her sweet pink sweater. And how they covered up the finest points of her body...

The date lottery was created out of her irrational fear of what other people thought of her. Her boyfriend, Jock Rock, was the star quarterback, and naturally he couldn't be with her in the bleachers if he was busy hurling balls down field. So, Missy initiated a date lottery where one lucky non footballer would sit by her during games and make sure that people from other schools knew she was good enough to have somebody. Yeah, it never made much sense to me. You just sat by her. No eye contact even.

I digress, and I apologize for that. So more of the story.

You see, Jock Rock liked booze and violence. And both of those went together. Well, one night, he and his steroid shooting buddies decided to play a cruel prank on a nerd. Any one would do, it just happened that he was the tuba player in the marching band.

His name was Tobey T. Tuffsier, the Third. He, and Chris Horkland, were my best friends during high school. Anyway, one night you see, Jock Rock and his boys invited Tobey to one of his after victory keggers. Tobey didn't think of anything negative from going, though he was mistaken. When he arrived, he was promptly jumped by the every wide receiver, running back, and JV bench rider who thought he was a bad ass. They pummeled hapless Tobey, stripped him naked, singed the letters T-U-B-B-Y into his back and left him tied to the one stoplight in town.

The silence from the school administration and the local law enforcement was deafening. No suspensions, no arrest warrants. Not one official punishment. I even think Coach Lodge gave the football team an easy practice for "teaching that fat queer a lesson." Needless to say, we were pissed.

C'mon, you expect the school to punish the football team for hazing the fat kid? Hell no. That would ruin their chance for the championship season. The community at large wrote off the incident as the fat kid trying to get attention.

One thing I can say is that it's unpleasant to see a grown man cry. It's worse to see an an overgrown man cry, namely because you fear his tears are the first reckoning to another one of God's Deluges. Tobey was still crying about the whole thing on the Tuesday before Homecoming night, and he didn't cease when Chris and I were there. Chris was an award winning, acne faced, trumpet crooner and Tobey was the best Tuba player in the area. He set a state record for the longest and lowest sustained tuba note, with a one minute forty-seven second duration. Both of them received scholarships to play in Louisiana State University's marching band... Which came after the events of that night in Sioux Junction.

"It's so unfair!" Tobey wailed, as Chris and I tried to placate him by slapping him on the back. There wasn't much we could sit on, as Tobey and his grandfather's priceless tuba occupied much of the space on the couch.

"We'll get back at them, I've got some friends with guns..." Chris supplicated.

"Man no," I slugged him in the arm.

"I want to be the bigger man in all of this," Tobey cried.

"You already are." I know, I cracked a fat joke at my friend's expense in his time of distress. I'm going to hell.

"Well, Tobey... Us band geeks have thought of a plan.. Mr. Amoster helped us with it too.."

"He did? What's the plan?" Tobey asked. He stopped crying. I was lucky he forgot about my joke.

"Well, you know how we're gonna play 'American Pie' on Friday night, right?..."

For a trumpet player, Chris had loose lips. Tobey and I weren't supposed to know anything, which was surprising since Tobey was an integral part of the plan. I wasn't going to tell anyone, so the secret was safe.

After a week of preparation for the football team, the band, and all the girls selected, it was finally time for the homecoming festivities. My sister had picked out a orange dress, thinking it would be cute since it was Halloween, and the other girls weren't likely to wear it. Coincidentally, they all had the same frame of mind, and somehow every homecoming attendant wound up with some variation of orange in their dresses. My sister outwardly resembled a thin pumpkin, with her orange dress and her fair brown hair. The stadium complex was adorned in the Sioux City colors; slaughtered indigenous population blood red and February sky gray. The home team bleachers needed a new coat of paint, otherwise the stadium looked just as it had when it was built roughly sixty years ago. The score board in particular, built by a local engineer, worked flawlessly. Not a single bulb had burned out in it's decades of use, and the metal had not the slightest appearance of rust on it.

The crowning ceremony went by uneventfully; the queen was one of the more "popular" seniors. She was lucky that homecoming didn't come later on in the year, or it would be obvious she was pregnant with some one's baby. Jock Rock had satisfied grin on his face when he escorted the queen. Like he had something to do with her predicament.

When it was all said and done, the football players hustled to the locker rooms to hear Coach Lodge's halftime pep talk. The state advisory committee allowed the half time to be extended tonight, due to the festivities. The exception was, that both team captains had to meet at midfield five minutes before the start of the second half, or take a six point unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The crusty old Coach Lodge assured the referees that he'd have his team out ten minutes before the start of the second half, just like always.

The Savages were "scalping" the Greyhounds at half time, though the score was closer than most would want to imagine. The band was going through their suite of music, ranging from Elton John's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" to some Salt N' Peppa. Yeah, I thought it was questionable too.

Then I hear Tobey bellow his solo loud and proud. "A long, long, time ago. .." the lyrics ran through my head. This is it. The crowd whooped and whistled with approval as the band joined Tobey. The band then went into their choreographed routine. The baton girls did their thing, I noticed a cheerleader was sobbing in another's embrace, after the first play she actually payed attention to was when her boyfriend got his collarbone cracked into several pieces by a vicious hit.

Missy had left by this time to go write a love letter to Jock Rock about how much she loved him and how well he did in the first half. The only thing she said to me was how cute my sister looked, and she wondered why she wasn't a colored person like myself. Regardless of the fact my skin is whiter than the driven snow, but whatever. I just ignored her comments. I really wish she wasn't wearing that sweater, so I at least would have some eye candy to enjoy.

The band played brilliantly. They kept going along until the football team came out, eight minutes before the end half time according to the game clock. They did their team fifty yard jog, then their stretches, then Jock Rock and the other two senior captains tried to take the field, the clock showing six minutes. However, the woodwind section made an impregnable wall between the Savage's sideline and center field. The drummers let the referees and Greyhound captains pass through with ease. Tobey was still playing along with the band standing tall at center field, playing the eleventh line of the fourth verse, when Jock and his buddies got impatient and knocked over several mousy clarinet girls and got into Tobey's face. He screamed something into his ear, then proceeded to punch Tobey in the face.

The referee, who couldn't hear the yelling and didn't notice the commotion after staring at his watch. Without looking, he threw his penalty marker, then noticed the brawl. He blew his whistle shrilly and waved his hands. The other members of the officiating crew tried to break up the brawl. Jock stopped to hear what the referee was about to say.

"Unsportsmanlike conduct, Sioux Junction! Automatic touchdown for the visiting team!"
The home crowd was livid. The entire football team rushed the field and began to fight the band members. Some of the more levelheaded Sioux Junction fans held back the enraged ones from rushing the field and killing band members. I happened to notice my third grader cousin smiling at the whole ordeal. I hope he had some plan of his own in mind.

Sioux Junction was a somewhat white trash community, and there always the possibility that some fans would become drunk, unruly, and start to verbally and physically harass the visting players, necessitating the Highway Patrol to provide security for the visitors. It took several warning shots, and an off duty Sioux Junction policeman had to be maced before he followed through on his threats against the band director, Mr. Amoster, who was engaged in fisticuffs with Coach Lodge.

I took my chance, I was going to hijack the radio broadcast and tell them what happened to Tobey and why they were doing this. I sprinted up the stairs to the press box, and tried to make a bee-line for broadcaster who was oblivious to my charge. I was the oblivious one, when Jock Rock's mother decided to place her anger on me. Being a hefty woman, she grabbed me and threw me over the side of the stadium. I was lucky enough to fall mostly on a bag of popcorn, except for the fact my leg clipped part of the steel frame and did a good job of busting it pretty well.

I did my best to hobble away from the melee. The Highway Patrol restored order eventually, and the instigators of the fight, the majority of the starter football players, were taken into custody. The game was delayed because of the fight, and when play resumed, the Greyhounds trounced the Savages by scoring just once, and going on to the state championship. The Savages' season was ended. Jock Rock and his buddies had to sustain some jail time for their brawl.

So the band delayed the team from taking the field. The Savages came out too late, as they had went by the game clock, which was synchronized with one in the locker room.

But it was proven by watching videotape of the halftime show that clock wasn't tampered with by the stadium timekeeper at all, and there wasn't any other explanation for it either. The only explanation was that the locker room clock was wrong, which was impossible since the creator made sure that it kept time precisely with the game clock outside, and only he knew how it worked.

So maybe the creator, a man who loved the sound of music from the throaty bass of a tuba, tampered with it..? Sure, except that Tobey Tuffsier, Senior, had been dead long before that late October Night...

Small Town Satire II; written September 2006

So it's another Homecoming week in Sioux Junction. The ruckus caused by my cousin almost ten years ago has finally blown over (thought October 28 is still a sore reminder to most) and people have moved on. My cousin, he's a hardball financial analyst for the largest firm in the nation, his buddy Tobey, or Tubby, Tuffsier III has slimmed down from his old obese frame and is now a designer clothes model. Jock Rock, the jerk who tortured Tobey, with help from his football buddies of course, lives in a trailer park where he and his old buddies have a net worth of ten mobile homes, twelve Ford pick-ups, three Camaros, a pool table, and about a thousand dollars in debt rang up on credit cards spent on cartons of cigarettes and peroxide to bleach their saggy wives' hair. A turned table from their high school lives at the top of the social ladder. Poetic justice.

So I shouldn't be worried about being scorned by a girl; used as leverage in her attempts at snagging an athlete herself? No, because I've been proactive about things. If anything, I should hold back because she's only an underclassman and I a senior. I'll be out of school in a few months, no need to get all riled up, right?

No, because I'm doing this for the OTHER guys who get treated this way. Take for example, Harvey, the brother of Tobey Tuffsier. Harvey has his brother's girth, but instead applies it into blowing an offensive lineman off the line of scrimmage and getting a solid .75 quarterback pressures per game. Poor Harvey got put down by a newly ordained cheerleader, Ashley Williams, who happened to be the ex girlfriend of Oswald Croom. Oswald, who was injured in a freak volleyball accident, in a valiant attempt to show off for middle school girls, has his dominant arm in a pink cast, which does not contrast with his pockmarked acne red face. For a week now, both had lamented their misfortunes to me.

"You know," Harvey said, "if I died right now. Not one single person would care."

"Dude," Oswald replied, "you've been saying that for a week now. Let it go man."

"It's true! If I died RIGHT NOW, no one would care."

"Well I care," to tell the truth, after hearing his whinging for a week, a piece of me wished death on the poor fellow. And I too haven't taken my rejection by Alicia Wright as well as I should. I should be used to it, with the looks that has a property that inspires people to loath me at first sight. "But guys, wait here." I went to the garage while my two crestfallen comrades waited in the living room. I came back with a rolled up banner, about five feet wide and three feet tall. "This is our revenge." I unfurled it for them. Oswald waved his uninjured hand around and covered his mouth with it.

"Oh man! No you DIDN'T! How did you get this?"

"Luck, " I replied. "When I was going through my digital camera pictures outside at the William's house, I accidently took a picture of seemingly nothing. Keep in mind, this thing could see the head of a quarter from twenty-five yards out. Well.. I looked through my pictures, and noitced this gem. It really speaks for itself. I sent the picture to my cousin, who had a hook up at an advertising agency... And here's the end result."

"I was wondering where Alicia went that night..."

"Well, now you know."

Harvey scratched his head, "So what are you going to do with this? Hang it up at school or something?"

I was giddy with my mischievous plot. "What I say does NOT leave this room..."

Thursday morning, Principal Kochblauer lectured on us about how proud he was of the football team. Then he went on to say this.

"Now," he paused. "I've heard that some of you," he glanced over at some freshman in the corner of the cafeteria; they shifted about sitting on the floor. "Are planning to pull some sort of immature prank on homecoming. " He paused again; his glance settled on me for a split second, and I thought I was busted. Both Harvey and Oswald shrugged when I looked at both of them. A goody two shoes four foot nine junior slapped Oswald for not paying attention, He clutched his shoulder in pain; Kochblauer continued on. "This is not what Sioux Junction is all about. It is NOT what I am about. So if I hear of anyone ruining my homecoming, there will be consequences to pay."

I was guessing he was tipped off about a football player lead prank by a witch of a volleyball girl, whom was seeking revenge for Kochblauer banning the volleyball girls from wearing thongs under their spandex pants or something. It was trivial, but she seemed happy enough. So I guessed we were safe. My homeroom teacher, Lerdis, tried to give me a detention for being absent from her class.

"I've been here for thirty minutes, I always come to school at least ten minutes early!" I tried to explain.

"Then how come you weren't in my class five minutes ago?" Lerdis asked.

"Because Mr. Kochblauer kept us all a few minutes late in the assembly."

"That's not my problem. You're absent."

I stopped arguing. When Lerdis sent down the attendance sheet, I stealthily changed it before some idiot freshman collected it. Easy as pie.

The only thing worthwhile was hearing all the buzz from Alicia's friends on how she was going to look gorgeous tomorrow night, and how she should be queen. I chuckled to myself with the knowledge of my plot.

In an eyeblink, it was the day of Homecoming. The once proud Sioux Junction savages were holding on to a slim lead against the St. Francis Falcons, a three year old Catholic team that hailed from a school that now rivals Sioux Junction in size. Enrollment in Sioux Junction had been dropping ever since my cousin engineered his revenge against Jock Rock.... Anyway...

In the time before the game, Oswald and I had to switch out our banner with the one that was to be revealed at the crowning of the Homecoming Queen. It was kept in the darkened and empty gym, unattended in between the last school bell and the hour before the game started. Harvey was unable to assist us in replacing it.

Oswald was freaking out. "DUDE! I've only got one arm, how am I supposed to do this?" He was grappled to the ladder with his casted arm while the other struggled to untie the intended banner. "I could use some help!"

"Will you hold on, you loser?" I asked as I made sure my banner was tied to the float.

"I'm gonna fall man. I know I'm gonna!"

"You're overreacting. Now just be quiet and do your job!" Sure enough, he was right. His cast didn't hold well enough to the metal ladder and he fell off, crashing to the gym floor.

"Aw man, I just scuffed the floor with my cast. Coach is gonna KILL me." He picked himself off the floor, to survey how bad the pink streak looked on the maroon skinned Native American caricature painted to the floor. He stood up for a fraction of a second before he collapsed to the floor again. "OW! MY FOOT IS BROKEN!" I scurried down the ladder to look at his foot. There was nothing wrong it. At least I thought there wasn't."

"You'll be fine. Now let's get out of here."

No one seemed to notice that Oswald was hobbling for the better part of the game. I did notice that Harvey kept looking out at us. At least I thought he did, couldn't really tell considering his face was obscured by his seven barred facemask and his shoulder pads almost up to his face. The band was playing in their own section, one of the lasting effects from my cousin's exploits, the band wasn't allowed to take the field for half time perfomances. The only negative effect to that was the band director resigned the year this was implemented by Kochblauer. The director left the school building one day rambling angrily and incoherently about Kochblauer's sickening favoritism of the football team or something. I thought it was funny regardless.

It was half time, time for the show. The float stored in the gym was hauled out by one of the classier pick up trucks in Sioux Junction, as it was kept clean and had a bedliner. The three underclass attendants sat next to our three Queen candidates on the float. I must admit, it sucked to think that I was ruining their night. But I had to do SOMETHING noteworthy. The last prank was a feeble attempt; a crudely spray painted phallus applied to a side of the stadium.

Oswald ribbed me, "Dude, Alicia's wearing a white dress!"
This was too perfect.

After our PA guy quieted down, our Kochblauer marched out to center field to announce the winner of the homecoming election.
And the 2006-2007 Queen is... Miss Mary Houlihan!" This was the que for the banner to be revealed. The two eager freshman pulled the cord unrolling the banner. Kochblauer began his typical boorish and loud applause, but the stadium crowd gasped in shock. The Homecoming Court instantly covered their mouths in shock, then looked at Alicia. Her usually fair skin had turned to fire engine crimson. The St. Francis crowd roared with laughter as Alicia ran off the float. Kochblauer didn't know what all the hubub was all about, until he turned to see what was on the banner. It was the distinct picture of Alicia's head face down in her jock boyfriend's lap. You knew it was her, because no one had quite the hair style she had, and that was all you could really go by.

Kochblauer was absolutely furious. He grabbed one of the hapless freshman by the neck and ordered him to take down the banner immediately. The timid freshman was in shock, and Kochblauer proceeded to tear down the entire float itself. The frilly white tissues and pretty balloons and all.

Reaction on the sideline was mixed. Harvey simply laughed and saluted Oswald and I in the crowd. Alicia's boyfriend upturned the water coolers, to the chagrin of the middle schooler assigned to be the water boy that night.

"That's my cousin," I felt a clasp on my shoulder. The Sioux Junction crowd hadn't noticed their former prankster walking in to congratulate his protege. "Not as good as mine. But you'll find something better down the line."

Which is true, because there was still one more homecoming left in the year, and I still wanted to help Harvey and Oswald get revenge on Ashley Williams.

What happened to Alicia, you ask? She got over it eventually. Though she wasn't quite as popular after the whole thing happened. She most of her time with her boyfriend during the rest of high school, as her old friends opted not to associate with a floozy. I felt bad on one hand. The other hand, I felt like I had achieved a victory for every guy out there who gets treated like I did. As if I set things right, if only for a short time....

Small Town Satire III; written June 2007

It was just after Christmas in Sioux Junction. Alicia Wright's image still tarnished by the homecoming fiasco, and only a few friends stayed at her side after it all went down.

Lee walked the halls of Sioux Junction High, and cursed it all to himself. He noticed Harvey snickering with Oswald and Alicia's ex-boyfriend, who's image was enhanced after the homecoming fiasco. Getting head from a cheerleader and having it revealed to the entire town has a definite and positive effect on one's popularity. The three boys were discussing something involving spray paint. Lee had already been punished with a suspension following the double-ended dildo disaster just before Non-Religious Winter Break began, and wanted nothing to do with the delinquent plans they were cooking up.

"MOVE it," a voice behind Lee exclaimed gruffly as he was jostled to the side. He was knocked over by Anthony Sikorski, a hefty football player. Before Lee could say anything in protest, he caught a glimpse of Mark Matthews and his girlfriend Avery Glass flirting playfully. Anton scowled at the couple, and Lee thought it strange, considering the camaraderie all lineman had with each other. Mark was much leaner and taller than Anthony, but they were about equal in strength. Anton sneer became much more virulent as Mark pinned Avery softly against the locker to quickly sneak a buss on her lips before the authorities could catch them violating every PDA rule on the books. Lee saw Alicia pick up her books from the locker beside Avery's, shake her head and mutter something before scooting off to class, tailed by catcalls and some hurtful remarks by some kids in the hall. Lee's insight into Anton's sneer would be crystallized at the youth meeting later that night.

"I don't see why she likes him," Anton growled.

"Uh-huh," Lee replied.

"You know, he cheats on her, right? All us lineman know that. I mean, he's such a jerk, you know what I mean?"

Lee nodded his head in ambivalence. He really did not want to be there, and this was one reason why. "That's what Harvey has told me."

"She's just going out with him because he's a senior. She's gonna get hurt one day by him, and when they break up I'm not going to be there. Because I asked her out a day before they started going on, and she said she wasn't interested in a relationship... She's just dating him because he's a senior."

"Oh yeah, of course. I feel the same way." Lee tried to put himself elsewhere than besides being at the high school on a Wednesday night. He did recall that the girls in the senior class were saying the same thing about Avery Glass, on how she tried her most valiant to fit in with their clique. Going so far as to imitate Chrystal Robert's cancer inducing tanning regimen.

Avery was a good looking girl, despite being younger than she looked. She had long brunette colored hair, taller than most girls in her class yet lacking in the chest department, but more than making up for it in the posterior. Lee was rather fond of her as well, which lent credence to the idea she was out to get in good with the seniors, as no other freshman girl would randomly hug him the hallways.

The youth leader queried for volunteers to help at a clothing annex over the weekend for required community service. Mark took notice and replied, "Uhh, the wrestling team has a meet up in Osage falls, so count us out."

The uppity youth leader took off her glasses and wiped them of an imaginary film of dirt. "So that means that you'll be gone, along with Anton and Harvey, correct?"

"Yep." Mark had the tendency to sound arrogant whenever he gave short replies such as that.

"Well, then that means that Sam Fox, Andy Keller... And Lee will have to serve Saturday instead." The three boys who were selected groaned in unison.

Now, what comes after is something of hearsay, as the events of the meet were recounted to Lee by Harvey. Harvey would have no impetus to lie or present false truths, as he disliked Anton and Mark equally.

It was Saturday night, and the wrestling team was confined to the hotel for the evening by their half insane and overweight coach. So, in effort to relax and enjoy themselves, they headed down to the indoor pool to pass some time. Anton confined himself to the jacuzzi, while all the other boys swam in the pool.

After maybe half an hour, some newcomers arrived at the pool. Three girls, one of which Harvey had seen at the meet earlier that day, clad in the skimpiest of bikinis a hormone driven teenager could barely fathom to be real. The boys ceased activity in the pool and stood in the sallow end slack jawed.

"Mind if we join you?" said an absolutely sexy blonde.

A series of "Oh yeah! "Sure!" "Come on in," "Water's fine," hit the girls like a Canadian snowstorm.

Speaking of a snowstorm, Mark Blizzard wasted no time in working his magic on the blonde. Harvey told Lee that Anton did naught but watch keenly from the jacuzzi tub as the guys and girls got into a playful splash fight. After they grew tired of that, they all just chatted amiably amongst themselves.

Blizzard invited the girls up their floor of the hotel after they had dried off. The trio obliged, and said they'd get there as soon as they changed clothes.

As the wrestlers made their way to their rooms, Blizzard took no time in detailing his plans for the rest of the night.

"I am going to fuck the sh*t out of that blonde chick." The guys laughed at Blizzard. "I'm being serious guys. Come on, Mark, don't tell me you wouldn't do the what I'm planning to do?"

"Blizzard, both of us have girlfriends and I'm not like that... But hell, you're right, I'd fuck that girl too. The guys laughed, but Anton did so with subdued temerity. Before they headed to their rooms, they made sure that their coach was asleep. The door was cracked, and Bautista, a short but stocky American Samoan peeked inside.

"Ugh, gross! Kaplick is asleep... But just look."

The television was still on, but it was blocked by a chair sitting directly in front of the screen. Wads of toilet paper were scattered about on the floor.

Blizzard was the first to see inside, and recoiled in disgust. "Awww man, gross, Kappy's been jackin' it!" The wrestlers all hurried off to their rooms to change before they could disturb their coach.

The girls came a little while later. It was only then did they introduce themselves. The blonde girl was Heather, Samantha was the skinny as a rail friend who had chatted with Mark primarily, and the girl Harvey recognized from the meet as the manager from another school was Mandy. Mandy and Bautista had discovered a common interest in international politics, and sat out in the hotel hallway to discuss the recent genocide in some inconsequential Africa nation. Meanwhile, Blizzard and Mark entertained Heather and Samantha in their hotel room. The four of them joked around for a spell. Mark let lust get the better of him and engaged Samantha in a tickle fight. Mark didn't intend on doing anything further, but Anton saw enough to warrant suspicion. He ducked out of sight and waited by the door to Mark and Blizzard's room. They had the only connected room, with a door leading to Bautista and David's room. Anton kept peeking in to see Mark and Samantha joking and carrying on like close friends, ignoring Blizzard and Heather's necking. He darted off to his room to retrieve his cell phone.

I'm going to interrupt the story here to fill you in on hapless Lee. After spending the day at the clothing annex with Sam, Andy, Alicia and Avery, Lee was just threads short of ending his life by wrapping his lips around the exhaust to his car and taking a monoxide fueled trip to heaven. The group of community service workers were at a drive-in resteraunt, which was chosen at the whim of Andy and Lee, as the other three could not drive. Avery was busy chatting with Alicia about her trip to the beach with Melissa and some family friend. Lee decided to prank call somebody with Avery's phone. Flipping it open, he noticed somebody just called as a picture and just blinked off the screen. Lee was perceptive enough to note that the caller as titled "bff baxter!" and he had some pretty damned creepy light blue eyes. Lee called the guy back to convince him that Lee was a pornographer and that Avery was his newest star in his line of girl on Japanese midget porn. He simply hung up the phone an Lee didn't have enough interest to call somebody else.

Anyway, back to the hotel. Harvey swears by the timing of these events, and their veracity as well. Otherwise, this story has as much weight as an anorexic coke addict. Harvey excused himself from Bautista and Mandy's conversation to eavesdrop on the four in Blizzard's room by standing in the connecting doorway from Bautista's room.

As soon as Anton left to get his phone, Blizzard's tongue work had paid off.

Heather unlocked herself from Blizzard's grasp. "Enough... I want some. And I know you want some too. Sam does too, isn't that right, Sam?" The skinny girl nodded her head 'yes' in reply.

Mark spoke, "Uhh, sorry. I mean, Sam, you're really cool and pretty good looking too, but I have a girlfriend..."

Samantha replied, "I don't want you." She laughed and pointed at Blizzard and Heather, "I want him, and her too." Both Marks' jaws dropped open.

Blizzard got up from the floor and removed his t-shirt. "What the fuck are we waiting for? C'mon girls," Blizzard motioned them to the bathroom. He turned on the fan and shower to mask the noise of their inevitable lovemaking, and the girls wasted no time in stripping down before running inside after him. Mark was in utter amazement. He cursed to himself, then out loud. "Oh sh*t, I have that paper due on Monday! Fu*******..." He grabbed one of his source books, then darted out of his room into Bautista's, then into the stairwell to study, ignoring the rather portly Harvey in the process.. Bautista pointed out how much of a nerd Mark was, being in such a hurry to go study. Harvey walked into Blizzard's room just as Mark ran out of Bautista's, and saw the trail of clothes leading the bathroom. Despite Blizzard's efforts, you could still hear the moans of passion over the fan and running water. Anton wasted no time in dialing Avery to inform her of what was happening.

Drama ensued. Mark and Avery broke up the minute the wrestler's arrived back in Sioux Junction from Osage Falls. There was a surprising lack of gossip following that weekend's adventures. Blizzard's menage a' trois stayed within the wrestling team's circle. Avery and Anton eventually got together after Prom that year, and Mark began dating a girl who was already in college, and didn't really think all that much on what had happened.

The seniors went about their seperate ways after graduating, with Anton and Lee attending in colleges in the same city an hour or so away from Sioux Junction. Lee made a point not to see Anton all that much, and it was easy considering Anton spent his weekends back home with Avery. When Lee returned home for Spring Break, he learned that Avery and Anton had a baby. Again, not surprising considering how much time they spent together.

What surprised him is how the baby was described as having the most brilliant Frank Sinatra eyes. Anton's eyes were a dull green, and Avery's dark brown.. So where'd that blue come from then...?
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Thanks man. It really means a lot.
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