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Old 12-22-2008, 08:24 AM  
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Roster evaluation....

Sittin' here at work virtually alone (everyone else off for the holidays). I thought I'd just get in a few thoughts on the roster heading into the off-season:


QB: I think the spread is a fine way to put up a lot of points but it definately lacks consistency. How many times does it need to happen? 20+ points in the first half and single digits in the second. Thigpen runs it pretty well, but the offense needs to control the tempo better. It has too many good solid weapons at its disposal not to. That said, Thigpen's accuracy needs to improve dramatically and he needs a real QB coach. I think he is a solid #2 and a solid stop gap starter (could end up being more) Huard and Croyle are empty uniforms to me. Definately need to add personell here entering next year.

RB: Solid group, although I don't know how Kolby Smith will look next season following injury rehab. I can't believe LJ will be let go. He has a ton of talent still, but his attitude stinks. Maybe this latest altercation made him see the light since he really hasn't acted up on the field or in the papers. I think this area is of little need for upgrade. RB's are a dime a dozen.

TE: About as good as it gets. HoFer at the top of his game with a capable young guy (Cottam) as his backup.

WR: Could use a shiftier, slot type receiver ala Welker/Moore/Royal to diversify the offense a little more, but Gonzo is pretty much capable of controlling the middle/underneath routes so this makes it less of a need. I like the group as it is, but it could get better. Better hands from Bowe would be nice. If someone falls to them in the draft (not in the first round) I wouldn't scream, but it isn't a huge need IMO. I would only add a WR if it added something different (i.e. a slot/possession-type).

OL: Not really too bad, but the right side still needs upgraded. Free agency or the post-first round of the draft could see a RT or RG or C even.


DT: Blah. I think we are stuck with these guys. Maybe a little different scheme will produce some results. I'm sick of chasing the star player at this position. Too many other holes on this team to be using a draft choice over and over again for this spot. Give Turk, Tank and Glenn time to grow then re-evaluate.

DE: Can't say I see a need to keep any of these guys. KC could've kept Jared Allen, traded down out of #5 (Many teams would've jumped at the chance to draft Dorsey), still taken Albert in the first and be in much better position now. You just don't trade young top-flite pass rushers. They are as rare as top QBs. I know, I know. Hindsight is 20-20 and I was high on Dorsey with the #5 pick (he could stiill be something), but you just don't trade talent like Allen. This may be priority position #1 and #2 in the off-season.

LB: Yeeck! DJ's solid, but that's lukewarm praise for a #1 pick four years into his career. I really see nothing else here. The front 7 of this defense may be the worst this team has had in a long time and that is saying something having lived through the Vermiel years.

Secondary: Lots of nice young players back there. Too bad they have to cover the WR for 5+ seconds all the time. Flowers Carr and Leggett are all keepers and Page and Pollard weren't terrible IMO. Always on the look out for safeties and corners in the draft. A team can never have too many IMO since they are usually your special team standouts as well.

Returners: Still a sore-spot on this team. I think the lack of talent at the OL and LB positions have really hurt the return teams. Can't say that anyone really stood out enough not to make this a position of some need.

In the end, the #1 in the draft needs to be the best front 7 player they can find (preferably not a DT) or a QB, if they deem one worth the pick. I don't think they need to reach for a guy, they'll have plenty of talent to choose from. This team DESPERATELY needs a LEADER on offense and defense. I know Gonzo and Waters try to fill that void, but the QB is the natural spot for that leadership to come from on offense. A dominating MLB/DE that can step in and pump up some life into this team ala Ray Lewis/Derrick Thomas/Ed Reed etc is desperately needed. Arrowhead can be a hell-hole for a visiting team when the defense is playing lights out. It has been a LONG time since that has been the case.

In addition to talent, the top 2 draft picks this year need to demonstrate those fiery leadership qualities. It'll be the most important quality that will help this ball club. A team full of guys that care and play and practice like TG doesn't need to be the most talented. This team needs more of that.
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