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Old 11-14-2012, 08:12 PM  
Mile High Mania
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Jets & Tebow

So, if there is another thread on this one - sorry, didn't see it.

I think everyone expected all this to happen at some point, I'm surprised it's taken so long to be honest. Here's the thing - why trade for Tebow if you're not going to use him more than a few gimmick plays a game?

Tebow is a solid guy - great teammate and he will always give you 100%. Can you say that about Sanchez? Sure, some guys on the team don't like him - you really think they all believe in Sanchez? He just throws a bit prettier and his stats are a bit better... they're still losing.

The Jets are 3-6 ... Sanchez is barely above 50% completion with about 1900 yards, 10 TDs and 9 INTs.

Last year, Tebow passed for about 1700 yds - 12 TDs / 6 INTs - passed under 50%, but ran for another 660 yds and 6 TDs. Denver was 7-4 with him... they won a playoff game. No, it wasn't "all due to Tebow", but the kid makes things happen. Sanchez does not.

If you compare Sanchez's 9 games this year to Tebow's 11 games last year ... what's really different? As a QB - both stat lines look like puke, but Tebow adds another dimension and production on the ground and they won.

Everyone has known that Sanchez is no good --- sure, he has a place in the NFL, but it's as a backup. The Jets have injury issues and nothing to work with on offense. Sanchez was mediocre with good talent around him, now they stink.

Why not put Tebow in more ... why not let him start a game? The Jets aren't going anywhere... put him in and try to fix your QB spot in the offseason, neither is a long-term fix.

Split the QB duty, get creative... doing the same ol' thing isn't working.

Is Tebow a great passing QB? No, but he can be effective - we all saw that last year. Can lightning strike twice with him? I doubt it, but who knows - why not try. Losing sucks, so if they keep losing - what is really lost by making the switch? Sanchez isn't going to turn things around - their team is miserable.

I say... go with Tebow, why not? See if he can do something... you really just never know.
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Old 12-23-2012, 09:01 PM   #91
Marty Mac Ver 2.0

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He is a cry baby bitch.
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Old 12-23-2012, 09:10 PM   #92

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Originally Posted by ChiefsandO'sfan View Post
Judy Battista ‏@judybattista

Whoa. RT @janesports: Sources: Tebow asked to be out of wildcat package after Ryan passed over him to start McElroy: http://es.pn/VYd4jQ

What a baby
Jesus Teblow is being exposed as a fraud.

I am sure his PR team will sense this and find a charitable act for him to perform (with cameras and press releases detailing the act close by).

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Old 12-23-2012, 09:29 PM   #93
Marty Mac Ver 2.0

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Great teammate
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