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Old 09-24-2000, 05:36 PM  
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First I would play on the D-Line and bust through that soggy O-Line of theirs and break the legs of whatever running back is back there and then I would RIP Greasy's helmet off and stuff it down his throat and make him EAT it!! YEAH! So when he goes poo-poo he craps those little vending machine helmets only when that happens they'll be CHIEFS helmets baby!! Just a little reminder for when he comes too from being knocked out on who it was that kicked his butt baby!!!! YEAH!!!!!
THEN I would play QB and pass a 80 TD pass to myself!! While running literally over the stomach's and back's of the donkie defense I would shove my cleat down Druganowski's throst and make him EAT IT!!! Sorry Racistanowski, THAT ain't NO pep-pill going down your throat, better take something else to "keep up with ME" baby!!!!
After that I chase down the Rat and spank him like my step child for trying to believe that they had a chance against THE MIGHTY AND POWERFUL KANSAS CITY CHIEFS!!!!
so that is roughly what I would try to execute on the Chiefs behalf for a win.


the prissy, panty wearing donkies: 3

YEAH! YEAH!! GRRRRR!!! BRING IT ON, BABY!!!! *starts tearing mouse pad and arm of a chair apart with teeth* DONKIE GO DOWN!!!! DONKIE GO DOWN!!! *starts throwing the phone and chair, jumps violently around, throws keybo

Funny as hell!
by Tim Nunya 9/22/00

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Good thing Denver has a Mint. I know they're running low on quarters after all the little helmets Elvis and our D made them eat.

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