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Old 10-22-2000, 10:33 PM  
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Why don't the KC Chiefs get fired up like this for every game? Did they really need the Rams to inspire them? Not a good reflection on the KC coaching staff. ... If RB Marshall Faulk has been lost for any considerable time, the Rams are in trouble. ... You never have to question the desire or pain-tolerance level of the Rams offensive line; many of the big guys really were hurting Sunday but tried to play through it. ... Considering how little he's played, QB Trent Green looked great. With Kurt Warner out for at least a month, the wisdom of keeping Green this season is paying off. ... Faulk, by the way, got sick during the game because he had an adverse reaction to orange juice. ... Maybe Chris Thomas should be kicking off.

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Ahh, you beat me to it. I agree with every bit of that first statement. If we played with the intensity that we played today in every game, we'd be at least 6-1. Heck, we probably wouldn't have dropped 9 passes week one and would be 7-0. But the intensity and sense of urgency hasn't been there every game. That is directly the reason we lost to the Titans and the Raiders. If we had kept at them like we did today and put the pressure on them instead of playing not to lose and trying to protect a lead, we would have blown them out of the building...
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Are you sure it was the orange juice that Faulk had the adverse rection to? Sounds like there were a whole bunch of Rams having adverse reactions. This is good, though. I'll even put up with a KC win to witness the adverse reactions that the over-zealous Rams fans will have to this game....
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