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Old 09-10-2000, 05:41 PM  
KCCory KCCory is offline
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I was wondering if anyone else noticed that in the game we were actually using bump and run schmes... on first and second down...

I saw it early with Hasty jamming the receiver and it kinda got me excited thinking that maybe we had returned back to our Secondary ways of ole despite the youth on the team...

Then I kinda noticed a pattern forming... We'd use Bump 'n Run except when it was an obvious passing down...


Why have enough faith in your younger players to be able to play bump and run and man on man when it could be either pass or run, but when it becomes mainly pass you basically say: [i]They're not good enough[/i], amd force them into a zone... There was an article in the star this week talkin' about Hasty teaching the younger guys BnR techniques... what's the point though?

On a side note... anyone else see Hasty over there chewing at Gun? I think it was in overtime... Not for sure, but it almost looked as if he were trying to convince Gunther to let him play and was gettting angry at a lack of response...

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