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  1. This is the first topic
  2. Welcome to the KC BB refugees
  3. MY FIRST POST! What better topic?
  4. What are the good things happening so far in preseason?
  5. Our defense and will they let us down again?
  6. Rufus nails Whitlock... Again!
  7. Tampa Bay vs New England
  8. Sat's game...sounded like nothing's changed
  9. Bills at Rams
  10. The latest conspiracy theory to hit the 'ol BB
  11. hehe...censorship again
  12. Where is everybody?
  14. Season Opener Celebration
  15. Yo, Admin...
  16. First Set of Cuts Announced...
  17. Hello all, and Go Chiefs
  18. I'm Free!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Someone get Theisman a ticket out of the D.C. area
  20. Reasons not to panic yet...
  21. UH-OH...we've been accused of soliciting
  22. Marty behind Chiefs
  23. After listening to the game today...
  24. check this out
  25. Arrowhead
  26. Kyle (Admin), question for ya...
  27. I'm in BABY!!
  28. Lurkers' Moving Over As Well...
  29. Pray for Elian
  30. good lord, it's armageddon back at the old BB
  31. Jalapeno Poppers Forever!!!
  32. Whoa!
  33. Anybody notice all the positive
  34. For those of you who came from the Star BB
  35. Carl Peterson must Go!
  36. Denise - happy and she knows it
  37. Great timing, Kyle!!
  38. be careful...Denise is surely watching us
  39. You guys are giving her WAY too much press....
  40. OK...enough "off topic" threads...we came here to talk CHIEFS!!!
  41. WOO HOO!!!
  42. How does everyone like this format?
  43. Russ Bliss, please post here...
  44. Oakland Raiders rule the world!!
  45. What happens when?
  46. My cherry's popped...
  47. My cherry's popped...
  48. My cherry's popped...
  49. My cherry's popped...
  50. god ****, i hate this dude
  51. Broncos are back !!
  52. Make your picks for the AFC West, I can intimidate anyone!
  53. Well, I see this place is trashed already!
  54. Moderators?
  55. I know I'll probably be accused of being "negative", but...
  56. BB FA, the G Man, is in town to check the place out
  58. Hey where did my topic on the defense go?
  59. What a breath of fresh fu@king air!!!
  61. Rison on Rison and Pompei on Rison...
  62. I wasn't invited, so I wonder if I am welcome here?
  63. The Irony of it all.... NO POLITICAL THREADS YET???
  64. Matt Hasselbaack?
  65. Never thought I'd see the day...
  66. More Members
  67. Toast to All Who Made This Board A Succes Thus Far
  68. One suggestion for the forum moderator
  69. 100th member...
  70. Is MY Clock Way Off or....
  71. More details on the Stai trade...
  72. Is college football talk fair game on this board?
  73. Rison: "I play for the Oakland Raiders, and to (heck) with the Kansas City Chiefs."
  74. I Can't Help Myself, I Have To Post This!
  75. I go to Calif. and you all move...
  76. Trying an experiment
  77. HELLLOOOOOO NURSE! (I mean "Hey Everybody!")
  78. Where is Gaz?
  79. Quick Vote and Feedback
  80. Anybody care about today's cuts
  81. Tampa Bay cuts DT Brad Culpepper
  82. The Jason Whitlock Email bag
  83. Uh oh, Brock Middlebrook opens his big mouth and rips us, the Chief fans...
  84. Chief fans in ohio
  85. NOT my words, but I totally agree.
  86. Plays for Jimmy Rayes Playbook......
  87. I got deleted from the "other BB" for calling Spidey a dick
  88. Chiefs BB FFL Keeper league from '99
  89. Song: Where Have All The Rison's Gone?
  90. A real ALL 90's team
  91. I need some FFL opinions, please.
  92. Players that need to put up on Friday
  93. signature question
  94. Here is the roster for the seaso...
  95. TX FANS????
  96. WOW! This Thing Rocks.......
  97. 0-4 preseason vs 4-0 preseason
  99. Leaf to start in SD, according to Harbaugh
  100. Can anyone supply some local KC radio info
  101. KCBB Gods in new pastures
  102. I`m having trouble replying
  103. What should the CHIEFS DO???????
  104. Aguiar visited by the Turk
  105. The award for "Moron of the week" goes to..........
  106. Fantasy Keeper League Q?
  107. Anyone not tired of debating Dennis Miller yet?
  109. Will the SACK ATTACK BE BACK??
  110. 15 "experts" and Marty is the only one predicting KC in the playoffs
  111. Dan Williams......What's It Going To Take?
  112. starting to look like the old board :(
  113. What was up with that ABC scoreclock last night?
  114. BB Playas....
  115. Trying this thing out...
  116. What's up with this board.
  117. As Ronald Reagan would say, GOD BLESS AMERICA & GOD BLESS CHIEFS PLANET
  118. If frogs had machine guns?
  119. Broncos cut first rounder Avery...Will he help us?
  120. What does it take to be an expert?
  121. Pellom McDaniels
  122. Any Defensive Backfield Saviors Out There?
  123. Peterson Bashing Thread, enter at own risk
  124. Technical question about this BB
  125. What happened to Warfield?
  126. Richardson at HB, not out of the question?
  127. Clayton show...
  129. Do you remember the Joe Delaney Post on the other BB?
  130. Where are they now?
  131. Neil Smith to work out for Chargers
  132. Truely awesome
  133. I just cant stand it anymore...
  134. Night Shift....Anybody here?
  135. Tinkering
  136. Flanagan on Dennis Miller
  137. NFL won't suspend Rod Smith
  138. About time, Lane's widow charged in murder.....
  139. What we think, and what we know
  140. This is Very Bad Chiefs News.
  141. AustinChief - Any word on the Netscape issue?
  142. Is Grbac in DENIAL or what??
  143. Whooo-hoooo!!
  144. message for DaKCMan AP
  145. Quandry regarding favorite Chiefs player...
  146. Hurricane Debby
  147. If Elvis gets hurt-what or who next?
  148. Seems like Gunther has claimed to be a history nut...
  149. How many of you Chief fanz.......................
  150. can jimmy raye accept some of the blame for the poor showing in the preseason?
  151. Dennis Miller in his element - possibly offensive but no f-bombs
  152. Hello All!
  153. New Starters
  154. Trouble in Buffalo?
  155. just wanted to say.....
  156. Time to guess the score....
  157. Warfield To Start vs Tampa Bay
  158. Donnie Edwards is confident!
  159. Home opener in Texas!
  160. OK, who was your least favorite Chief? :mad:
  161. Need Raider tickets :rolleyes:
  162. A suggestion for the moderator(s)
  163. htismaqe
  164. Possible New Features at ChiefsPlanet
  165. Tim Grunhard at the Chiefs Luncheon
  166. Uh Ohh, SI Picks Chiefs to place 4th at 7-9...
  167. Luz - Just Finished Pritcett's You2
  168. In case there was any doubt who's ego is biggest.....
  169. chiefs graphics
  170. Chiefs Fans; Rams Sign Kicker John Baker!
  171. I'm In Hawaii
  172. Am I the Only person on this planet that has not watched a minute of SURVIVOR ?
  173. Want a Good Laugh? Check Out the Old BB
  174. National overnite radio sportstalk host cracks local KC Star columnist
  175. Carl sez: "Jim Mora is going to come in here and get his butt kicked."
  176. Uh oh, we've got ourselves a new quarterback...
  177. Gunther says "Adios Cris, Hello Eric" . . . . . for now
  178. who won the pick contest last year
  179. Does Cunningham Get It???
  180. Just When I THOUGHT Elvis Was Legit........
  181. test topic
  182. 2 Rookies start Colts game!
  183. Just a quick question about this BB
  184. Little help connecting to Chiefsplanet.com
  185. For those with tech questions or needing help
  186. Chiefs vs Bucs
  187. Way 2 go Gun
  188. neil smith a charger?
  189. rookie trend in the nfl
  190. My first visit here
  191. My Final Topic on the Star BB (Before it was yanked)...
  192. AFC West bye weeks.......
  193. My Kingdon, your Kingdom, Who Cares? Let's alk Chiefs Football!!!
  194. Is Tomorrow Moon's Last Football Game?
  195. was there anybody cut tuesday that could improve our team?
  196. Arrowhead question
  197. So what happened here and there?
  198. Does anyone else feel it is time to quit the belly-aching BS?
  199. Elian Throws a Fit!
  200. In honor(loosely termed) of Tony G...Wesley or Atkins?
  201. Hey Clint
  202. The TICKER is BACK!!
  203. question fot those of you in KC...
  204. So....... What's Your Story???
  205. not looking for sympathy just understanding.
  206. Are 5 consecutive losses enough?
  207. glad to be here
  208. Andre Rison facing more charges
  209. Available players that have been released
  210. Do any of you know Adam Jassey?
  211. Do any of you know Adam Jassey?
  212. Do any of you know Adam Jassey?
  213. Do any of you know Adam Jassey?
  214. FYI from Adam Teicher:
  215. Dan Williams done?!?!?!
  216. Dan Pompei....get real!
  217. Decent Backup QB Might Be Availabe
  218. In defense of Todd Collins
  219. Al Gore is a Biblical Genius
  220. Here's one for ya!
  221. Anyone Know how to point a BUD in the right direction?
  223. Raiders look halfway decent...:)
  224. Good story on the upcoming Eddie Robinson Classic in Arrowhead this Saturday
  225. AZCHIEF who are you?
  226. This is a bull**** attitude!
  227. Brock's new website!
  228. 0-4 preseason history revisited...
  229. give the people on the Star BB a reprieve...
  230. Who's going to the Indy game?
  231. I though Rickey Brady retired?
  232. The Road to the AFC West?
  233. Nice work BBA!!
  234. Does anyone elses computer freeze up on this BB?
  235. I was gonna ........
  237. why not let richardson be the starting hb?
  238. Who is....
  239. whats the best tailgate food?
  240. Prosecutor says,'Lane was killed for the insurance money'
  241. Attn. Fantasy Gurus and WannaBes alike!!
  242. I don't want to be a lurker anymore :(
  243. I'm off to KC!
  244. Netscape Problems Solved!!! (hopefully)
  245. Gunther having personal problems?
  246. Those Of You That Would Like To Hook Up Saturday Night Before Opening Day..POST NOW!
  247. AustinChief...
  248. Can anyone keep a secret?
  249. 11 Drives 1 TD
  250. KC at TAMPA Play by Play........