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  1. Nat'l Security The Progression So Far - prediction thread
  2. U.S. Issues Poll: Germans would object to supporting a NATO ally caught in conflict w/ Russia
  3. Nat'l Security How the Trump administration’s secret efforts to ease Russia sanctions fell short
  4. Poop The 2017 hurricane season started Thursday without anyone in charge
  5. Elections Putin: 'Patriotic' Russian hackers may have targeted US election
  6. Environment Republicans/conservatives/Trump supporters: executive heads and the environment.
  7. Trump Can Trump block Comey from testifying? White House could try to invoke executive priv
  8. Media The Federalist: The New York Times Just Outed The CIA’s Top Iran Spy
  9. Environment Trump may be ahead of the curve after all...
  10. U.S. Issues EU mulls economic measures for US after Trump’s withdrawal from Paris agreement
  11. Media MEagain interviews Putin
  12. Media Bill Maher: HBO host slammed for use of the N-word
  13. Int'l Issues possible terror attack on London Bridge
  14. Nat'l Security Jeff Rense & Blake Sawyer - The Invasion Of The US Just Got WORSE
  15. U.S. Issues Headline should read "After 200 Years Leftists Figure out the Magic of Federalism
  16. Obama The lefts racism continues this time CNN
  17. General Politics "All it takes in one good guy with a gun" and maybe all of the 7 people don't die.
  18. Nat'l Security CNN Creates #FakeNews in London Following Terror Attacks, Stages Anti-ISIS Muslim Pro
  19. Int'l Issues Saudi Arabia & Bahrain cutting ties with Qatar.
  20. Nat'l Security Week 29: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing
  21. General Politics If Isis targeted Politicians and media members...
  22. General Politics Meanwhile, Clinton is back under investigation...
  23. U.S. Issues Orlando Workplace Shooting
  24. Nat'l Security Rip Van Winkle Trumpsters 6 Coal Plants Shut Since Election 40 More Coming
  25. U.S. Issues How the Washington Post manufactured the Kushner story
  26. Poop And the 2017 Global Peace Prize goes to ...
  27. General Politics Ontario passes ‘totalitarian’ bill allowing gov’t to take kids from Christian homes
  28. Legal Media leak source found and charged
  29. Misc Dog Mauls Passenger on Delta Flight
  30. U.S. Issues Petition to Revoke CNN's Press Pass
  31. Nat'l Security Oh Shit NSA Hacking Documents Released, Voting Machines Hacked by Russia
  32. Int'l Issues The Jihadist Next Door
  33. Economics How some Alabama counties saw 85% drop in food stamp participation
  34. Int'l Issues Looks like another attack in Paris at Notre Dame-just a crazy man or terrorist?
  35. Religion No prayers for you! (old article, my bad)
  36. Religion Muslims outraged by billboard
  37. U.S. Issues CNBC: Anthem will drop out of Ohio's Obamacare market
  38. Trump Trump Tweet Generator
  39. Trump Trump "charity"; He's a real shit
  40. Nat'l Security Sessions offered in recent months to resign as attorney general
  41. Int'l Issues Isis attacked Iran parliament
  42. Local Brownback Victory Dance
  43. Nat'l Security Eric Trump calls father's critics 'not even people'
  44. Int'l Issues Your new FBI director is?
  45. Local Biggest Tax Hike in Kansas History
  46. Trump Paying for Trump's Wall with....
  47. General Politics DOJ ends Holder-era ‘slush fund’ payouts to outside groups
  48. U.S. Issues Comey releases statement ahead of testimony - will not accuse Trump of obstructing
  49. General Politics Charles Pierce: It's Time For Trump to Go
  50. Trump James Comey Testimony: Trump Asked Me to Let Flynn Investigation Go
  51. Trump Top Intel Community Officials Deny That Trump Pressured Them On Russia Probe
  52. Trump FBI Director Comey assured Trump he was not being investigated
  53. Nat'l Security Former Mexican President Vincente Fox has a Message for Donald Trump*
  54. U.S. Issues Crooked HiLiaRy in Trouble — Again!
  55. General Politics Romney/Ryan/McCain look to Biden for advice.
  56. Nat'l Security Clay Higgins may be the only honest person in Washington
  57. Trump Comey Debunks NYT Report About Trump Campaign Having Repeated Contacts With Russians
  58. Trump What was McCain doing?
  59. Trump I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.
  60. U.S. Issues Comey admits that he leaked in order to prompt special counsel appointment
  61. U.S. Issues Dow hits record high in the midst of Comey hearing
  62. Trump Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia collusion theory 'came apart'
  63. Poop Who's The Most Screwed Up Here: Mom, Dad, or the Kid?
  64. General Politics Obstruction of Justice for Dummies
  65. Nat'l Security Beauregard had a Third undisclosed meeting with the Russians
  66. Nat'l Security Comey's testimony today looking worse by the moment
  67. Nat'l Security Another Example of How Disconnected Educators are with Reality
  68. Nat'l Security Bernie's Take. He is Worse than McCain.
  69. Trump Trump v. Lynch vis-a-vis Obstruction of Justice and Election Tampering
  70. U.S. Issues Trump blasts regulations on infrastructure (video)
  71. Legal Comey — Bad to the Bone
  72. Environment WaPo's Jennifer Rubin: "Never-Trumper" used to hate Paris Accord...
  73. U.S. Issues (Brass Balls) Trump: I'm willing to testify under oath about Comey claims
  74. General Politics Nothing to see here...just more democratic election fraud.
  75. Poop Pentagon Officials Scramble To Change Nuclear Code From ‘Covfefe’
  76. Nat'l Security 3 Big Takeaways From Comey Day in Washington
  77. Nat'l Security Mueller Enlists Top Criminal Law Expert for Russia Probe
  78. U.S. Issues CNN severs ties with host who called Trump 'a piece of s---'
  79. Trump Sign up list to play poker with Donald "might have tapes" Trump
  80. U.S. Issues Congressional Investigators Probe James Comey Leak Network
  81. Trump TV writers: 'Catastrophic' Trump is making our jobs harder
  82. Nat'l Security Trump commits to NATO's Article 5
  83. Elections Joe Biden: "I knew she'd lose key battleground states"
  84. Nat'l Security Scoop: Trump official confirms to me that Comey tapes exist as tapes of many others
  85. General Politics Karl Rove is a liberal bastard
  86. Trump Donald Trump's state visit to Britain put on hold
  87. Nat'l Security Congress should probe whether Lynch provided cover for Clinton
  88. U.S. Issues Senate Republican Calling 'Nonsense' on President Trump
  89. U.S. Issues Feinstein: We have to investigate if Lynch gave cover to Clinton in FBI email probe
  90. Media WaPo: Is media coverage of Trump too negative? You’re asking the wrong question.
  91. U.S. Issues HILL Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood
  92. Trump First Lady Melania Trump, Son Barron, 11, Move Into the White House
  93. U.S. Issues Public Theater Sponsors pull funding: Trump-ian Caesar Assassination “Crossed line"
  94. Trump Trump and the Coal Mines....
  95. Nat'l Security Trump* Reveals Israeli Hack of ISIS Computer Networks
  96. Environment Denmark Ends Green Incentives: Electric Car Sales Collapse
  97. Legal Faked or Staged, only Donger knows
  98. Trump New York Times: Trump sexually harassed Comey.
  99. Elections Washington Post Agrees With Clinton: She Lost Because She's a Woman
  100. Nat'l Security Amazing WH cabinet meeting, at which Cabinet Members Sing Praises of Great Leader
  101. Legal Report: Comey confronted Lynch about interference in Clinton investigation
  102. U.S. Issues Obama FISA Scandal Thread
  103. Trump Nasty Liberals are at it again
  104. General Politics Bernie Sanders: Democrat party "an absolute failure"
  105. U.S. Issues Marcellus' Organic Food is a Hoax and Big Food Lobbying for Chiefzilla
  106. Poop Megyn Kelly defends Alex Jones interview
  107. U.S. Issues Trump: Loretta Lynch broke the law
  108. General Politics The Sessions Sessions: One Night at the Capitol Building Live
  109. Local Missouri Legislator Decapitates Live Chicken on Facebook Because Abortion
  110. General Politics Special Counsel Mueller, hires Democrat donors on Staff.
  111. Obama KU reintroduces segregation
  112. U.S. Issues Trump WH: What are you talking about? We have no intention of firing Mueller
  113. General Politics House Majority Whip Steve Scalise shot
  114. General Politics Trump approval ratings continue to sink as new Gallup polls shows 60% disapproval
  115. General Politics Nancy Pelosi prays for the success off Donald Trump's Presidency
  116. Trump Happy Birthday Mr. President
  117. Trump It's Official: Trump IS Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice
  118. Misc History Quiz for People That Think They Know What They are Talking About.
  119. Nat'l Security FBI investigating possible Dirty Bomb in S.C.
  120. U.S. Issues Meanwhile in everyday America
  121. Nat'l Security NSA links North Korea to WannaCry hack
  122. General Politics Another failed Liberal law: Good in theory, fails in pratice
  123. Nat'l Security The Putin Interviews w/ Oliver Stone
  124. Legal DOJ phone number
  125. U.S. Issues Putin Offers Asylum To "Leaker" Comey
  126. Nat'l Security The Left has raised America’s political temperature to the boiling point
  127. Int'l Issues Russia claims it killed ISIS leader al-Baghdadi
  128. U.S. Issues Trump makes it totally totally official. I'm under investigation.
  129. Trump Attention Bitch of Prisons
  130. Environment Withdrawing From Paris Agreement Helps the Most Vulnerable
  131. U.S. Issues DOJ Warns Not To Trust Stories Based On "Anonymous Sources"
  132. Trump Protesters INTERRUPT Trump Assassination Play – RUSH STAGE
  133. U.S. Issues Civil Rights Commission Will Launch Two-Year Probe of Trump Administration
  134. Legal Officer acquitted in Castile shooting; hundreds protest
  135. Legal Kansas’s conservative experiment may have gone worse than people thought
  136. Trump Let's lighten things up - Trump hires wedding planner to oversee $billions
  137. Nat'l Security Navy Guys: How Does This Happen?
  138. U.S. Issues "They destroyed blackberries with Hammers in the State Department."
  139. Religion Scalise shooter fueled by dedication to prog agenda
  140. Economics Restaurant Die-Off is the First Course of California's
  141. Trump Trump: reports $598M income
  142. Misc Knowledge vs. Power
  143. U.S. Issues Senate GOP shifts focus to Lynch
  144. Obama Meanwhile, in bankrupt Illinois...
  145. General Politics Van plows into crowd in London...
  146. Trump Pentagon: US shoots down Syrian aircraft for first time
  147. Nat'l Security US F/A-18E Shoots Down Syrian Su-22 in first air-to-air kill in 2 decades
  148. Media What is going on in Britain/London?
  149. Trump Liberals NY Times David Brooks and Lawyer Alan Dershowitz poo-pooing ANY collusion
  150. Religion Muslim girl murdered in Virginia
  151. Environment Patagonia "goes to the mattresses"
  152. Local KC Star: Kansas City should confront "racist past" and rename J.C. Nichols Fountain
  153. Legal Colorado-Marijuana yes-Kids with cell phones NO
  154. Nat'l Security What's Fat, Yellow and About to Get Double Tapped?
  155. General Politics Spicy on the Way Out?
  156. Nat'l Security Zombies, Vampires and Republicans
  157. Environment By 2100, 48-74% of global pop. will be at risk of dying due to extreme heat
  158. U.S. Issues Classified cable: Hillary Clinton Told FBI's Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians
  159. U.S. Issues Sanders: Act in “Unprecedented” Ways, Fight Back in Every Way That You Can
  160. General Politics Dems are spinning Biden
  161. U.S. Issues Eric Holder joins the anti-Trump resistance — and mulls a presidential campaign
  162. U.S. Issues Independent group releases new report on Seth Rich's murder investigation
  163. Trump Georgia Election Results: Handel Defeats Ossoff in U.S. House Race
  164. General Politics Republicans 5 Democrats 0 in last 5 special elections
  165. U.S. Issues MSNBC Joy Reid: goes on Tweetstorm. Accuses Pubs of "tribalism"
  166. Trump Democrats Block Witnesses from Testifying in House Intel Probe
  167. Int'l Issues The Militarization of US Policy in Latin America Is Deepening Under Trump
  168. Trump Trump rally in Iowa
  169. Trump Liberal Loon Gets What He Asked For
  170. Legal Sen Chris Murphy (D-CT): Russia Issue Hurting my De
  171. U.S. Issues What is the future for Jeronimo Yanez?
  172. General Politics What a Mitch Burger...
  173. U.S. Issues Stupid people, too many lawyers
  174. General Politics Fox: Senate health care bill: 4 key Republicans come out against GOP plan
  175. Economics HILL layoffs set to begin Next month at Carrier
  176. Int'l Issues The Evil UN
  177. Obama Ossoff’s loss shows that Dems have failed to broaden their appeal
  178. Nat'l Security Study Finds That Everybody Still Hates Hillary Clinton
  179. Obama Loretta Lynch is getting probed
  180. U.S. Issues Oh California! You and Your Pink Planes
  181. General Politics This guy seems nice.
  182. U.S. Issues God love ya Dave Loon.
  183. Media Liars at New York Times to be laid Off?
  184. General Politics More assassination humor from the left, John bung hole Depp
  185. Local St. Louis Police Officer Shoots Off-Duty Police Officer
  186. U.S. Issues Where did the outrage of Russia colliding go?
  187. Trump Trump may be getting another Supreme Court pick soon.
  188. Obama Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation for bank fraud
  189. U.S. Issues "Not Only Is Obamacare Here To Stay, But SINGLE-PAYER Is On The Way"
  190. Legal Michael Brown's family: gets $1.5M settlement
  191. Legal Supreme Court sides with The Slants, rules ban on offensive names is unconstitutional
  192. General Politics Anti-intellectualism = ∅ ideas, policies; no agenda, little success
  193. General Politics The Unbearable Smugness Of Being…A Democrat
  194. U.S. Issues Music for a Sunday
  195. Religion Archbishop: Church of England 'colluded' to hide sex abuse
  196. Religion Sweden: 1st lesbo bishop wants Muslim prayer rooms....
  197. Nat'l Security Harris Poll: Americans tired of Russian probe
  198. Nat'l Security SCOTUS partially reinstates Trump travel ban
  199. U.S. Issues Professor Fired for Defending BLM Party
  200. Int'l Issues Marxist Pope Francis calls for a "World Government"
  201. Trump More POTUS Tweets
  202. Nat'l Security Paris Bus Explosion
  203. U.S. Issues SCOTUS Declines To Hear Gun Rights Appeal
  204. U.S. Issues NSA Whistleblower: "very likely, in fact, most probable" that Trump's phone is tapped
  205. Religion SCOTUS sides with religious institutions in a major church/state decision
  206. Trump How quickly the worm has turned....
  207. Obama "Sources": Classified info leaked by former Obama officials endangers nat'l security
  208. Int'l Issues Under Trump, a majority of Canadians dislike the U.S. for the first time in 35 years,
  209. Legal Could Roe V. Wade Be Overturned ?
  210. U.S. Issues Debbie Wasserman Schultz accuses Jeh Johnson of Perjury
  211. U.S. Issues Complete vindication for Trump as CNN producer admits Russia Narrative is "bullsh*t"
  212. Obama Obamas' lavish globetrotting vacations raise Democrats’ eyebrows
  213. Trump TIME magazine: confirmed FAKE
  214. Local Good Old Lyin Claire. As crooked as they get.
  215. Int'l Issues Egyptian Commentator Unloads on Muslims and Islam
  216. Trump Trump's Numbers
  217. Media More fake news: Vice Retracts Articles About Donald Trump’s Animatronic Robot at Disn
  218. Economics NRA Recruitment Video Basically Labels the Left Violent Snowflakes
  219. Nat'l Security Susan Rice suggests race, gender bias
  220. Media Reuters: ABC TV settles with beef product maker in 'pink slime' defamation case
  221. Economics No one else wondering WTF Trump means by "internet tax"?
  222. U.S. Issues This is why the Prog/Dem Party will never recover
  223. Trump Trump just won my vote
  224. Int'l Issues Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and other Geoengineering Initiatives
  225. Trump 156 House Dems Vote Against Kate's Law
  226. Trump "One good thing mussolini did was execute his son and law"
  227. U.S. Issues Sacramento Bee: Federal judge blocks California ban on high-capacity magazines
  228. Education 4th of July. Fireworks. History. All here.
  229. Education Rand Paul schools Bernout Sanders again
  230. U.S. Issues Voter fraud in Cali? State refusing to cooperate with Feds on Voter Fraud probe
  231. U.S. Issues San Fran To Pay Illegal Alien $190k For Violating Sanctuary "Law"
  232. Legal Teenager shot and killed in road rage incident.
  233. U.S. Issues Washinton Examiner: 10-state coalition threatens lawsuit if Trump doesn't end DACA
  234. Environment The End is Near. Climate Change Hyperbole Increasing
  235. Legal Socialized Medicine Liability or Parents Not Knowing When To Let Go?
  236. Legal 25th Amendment.
  237. Trump Trump tweet... Big News if not Fake
  238. Trump Dems latest temper tantrum sinks to new low...
  239. Nat'l Security The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians
  240. Media Breitbart: Associated Press Engulfed in CNN-Level Scandal as It Covers Up ...
  241. Int'l Issues Fecal Bacteria Contamination Found in Starbucks and Other Coffee Bars
  242. Legal Cop stories
  243. Nat'l Security Getting even tougher on illegals- Trump is the ICE man
  244. U.S. Issues HAPPY 4th of JULY WEEKEND!!!
  245. Nat'l Security Idiot "Patriot" shoots himself
  246. Int'l Issues Climate Home: Germany ‘massively weakened’ draft G20 climate plan to appease Trump
  247. Int'l Issues Time Mag: July 15, 1996
  248. General Politics They just want people to die
  249. Int'l Issues Iranian opposition upbeat as Trump Administration talks of regime change
  250. Int'l Issues U.S. Falsely Accuses Iran of Violating Nuclear Deal