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  1. RIP Buster's Dad longtime CP member
  2. RIP Logical (Jim)
  3. Prayers for the family of "Madmax" who died after a long illness Monday morning.
  4. We lost a poster and a friend yesterday [Crazyhorse]
  5. Good news [Lonewolf Ed]
  6. I Know No One Here Gives a Big Damn... [mikey23545]
  7. -- ChiefJustice - older CP'er with The Stig as avatar
  8. Boogblaster [compilation of posts from various threads]
  9. BigMeatballDave
  10. RIP Saccopoo
  11. Sad News, Psyko Tek was a long time member here
  12. Posting for my husband - he has passed away [BillSelfsTrophycase]
  13. Fire Me Boy! has passed away
  14. RIP Flopnuts
  15. RIP Milkman
  16. RIP Patteeu
  17. RIP Gonzo
  18. Hello! [RIP RandallFlagg]
  19. RIP rockymtnchief
  20. Nzoner's wife has passed