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11-30-2004, 10:58 AM
The Dick Vermeil Show

Nov 30, 2004, 9:02:12 AM

BOB GRETZ: What did you see when you looked at the tape today?

DICK VERMEIL: “Basically what I saw during the ball game. We could do some very, very good things and then give up a big play. We stopped their running game completely. Tomlinson had 20 rushes for 46 yards. He’s an all-pro running back. So they did those things real well, but we gave up some big plays in the passing game and two big reverses. That hurt us.

“Offensively, when we had opportunity to go ahead and win the football game we didn’t get it done in the fourth quarter. The first two drives of the third quarter were dead drives. We didn’t get anything done. Then the third drive in the third quarter that we ended up scoring in the first series of the fourth quarter was a nice drive. For us right now, it looks like when we’re playing a real good offensive team you’ve got to get a lot of points.”

GRETZ: Your defense again fell victim to the big play again and sometimes a defense can even that out by making a big play itself. But your defense has just 11 turnovers in 11 games. What’s happened to the takeaway?

VERMEIL: “We’re not getting them. Last year around this time we were around plus 18. Sometimes that’s good fortune. The defense, when it’s playing man-for-man, has a tendency not to recover as many fumbles. Your back may even be to the ball carrier in run plays. In the zones you’re looking more into the backfield into where the ball is. The same is true in pass interceptions. That’s where we’ve really gone down. Some of it is just bad fortune. There have been something like 11 balls on the ground and we’ve recovered two of them.

“The other bad fortune is what happened on Dante’s (Hall) kick return (vs. San Diego). I’ve never seen that before. He lost it in his hands. I didn’t know if I saw what I saw. I didn’t know if he fumbled it shifting from one hand to the other or the guy came up from behind it and knocked it out. It just came out, that’s all. He did redeem himself by putting another one in the endzone.”

MITCH HOLTHUS: One encouraging thing was you were able to run the ball against a team that was number one in the NFL against the run. You averaged 5.5 yards a carry on 20 carries. How encouraged were you with the running game?

VERMEIL: ‘I was pleased with that. We had 14 carries the first half and that’s maybe where we made a mistake as coaches. We got away from it a little bit in the third quarter and then got back to it. I was pleased with both Derrick Blaylock and Larry Johnson. They ran the ball well. Blaylock averaged 7.1 yards a carry.

“When you go back and you’re playing those teams that are that explosive on offense you keep thinking, gee, we’ve got to score points in a hurry because they’re going to come back and score. Or you think the other way, we’ll just stay on the field and eat up the clock and gradually get a score. The problem is recently they come back and get another one faster than you can get one. It’s been a problem and we haven’t been able to solve it.”

Q: Larry Johnson on a 94-yard scoring drive, he’s got roughly 39 yards on that drive and I counted six broken tackles. Your thoughts on him in his first real time on the field?

VERMEIL: “I was pleased with him; I was proud in how he handled the pressure. He did not seem nervous. I told him before anybody else. I told him before I told any coaches that he was going in on the third series. I told him that Wednesday to get himself mentally ready for it. He was and he played with poise and had one problem with a ‘Mike” linebacker pickup on a play-action pass, but that could happen to the best of them, especially coming out of the ‘I’ formation. We’ll continue to do that and help him grow.”

HOLTHUS: On his ability as pass receiver.

VERMEIL: “He has good hands and both of the throws (to him) were not real good throws. On the screen it went right off the tip of his fingers. If it’s closer he might score. But Trent couldn’t find him, he couldn’t see him, so he just dropped it over in the general area. He couldn’t hold the ball against the rush any more. The other ball that they threw to him in the flat was thrown way to low and he barely got his hand on it.”

Q: You mentioned the defense and your job of stopping Tomlinson. Who’s playing well to make that happen?

VERMEIL: “It starts on the line of scrimmage. Our defensive line, I think, played pretty well overall. We had some guys make some good individual plays: Lional Dalton did some good things although he played his own game a few times. Ryan Sims made some plays. Eric Hicks is always very stable against the run. Vonnie Holliday, who will probably miss this week because of a groin problem that is getting worse, played well. Jared Allen continued to play well. Scott Fujita had his best game of the year.”

HOLTHUS: I’m curious: the defensive front. Is it playing at a winning level? I know the back seven is struggling and people talk about it. But is the defensive front playing well enough that you can build a winning defense around it?

VERMEIL: “I think so and they’ve been playing a lot of people – rotating with about eight guys. Now, we don’t have some guys who’s going to get 16 or 17 sacks but we do get pretty good pressure and we do knock the quarterback around. But we have to get more pressure when we’re in these man coverages – a one-on-one situation where the guy gets too much time; it really makes it tough on the corner.”

GRETZ: In the Monday night game Casey Weigmann struggled a little bit against Keith Traylor in the middle. But it looked against San Diego like he really played a good game against Jamal Williams.

VERMEIL: “He did play well. He played awfully well. Sometimes a great big guy gives him problems, but not consistently because he’s crafty and knows his technique. He knows how to maneuver a big guy, how to cut him down. Casey is a complete football player and a complete person.”

GRETZ: Chris Bober at right tackle, how did he do?

VERMEIL: “Played well. He gave up one hit on the quarterback. Overall, I thought Chris Bober played very well.”

On the upcoming Raiders:

VERMEIL: “It’ll be tough. All the teams in the National Football League are tough. We don’t have any patsies on our schedule, especially with us struggling on defense. We’ll have to play extremely well and, hopefully, get a takeaway, get a big play in the kicking game. Drew Brees against the Raiders last week threw two interceptions right in the their hands and they dropped them both. Right now, we’ve got to get the Raiders quarterback to throw a couple into our hands and not drop them.”

HOLTHUS: What happened on the 65-yard pass play the Chargers made?

VERMEIL: “That was a double zone coverage where the corners rolled up and the safety comes over and backs him up. The quarterback did a nice job just like you see Trent Green do against double zones. He pumped the safety to freeze him for a bit and slow him from getting to his responsibility down the sideline on the fade. He didn’t get there. Willie Pile got there a step late and that’s what happened. Now, our corner up front could use better technique to not allow that guy to get a clean shot down the sideline.”

GRETZ: It looked like Pile looked to go for the ball instead of being safe and stay on the body.

VERMEIL: “Willie didn’t even know he was going to play. I didn’t know he was going to play. To his defense, I don’t think he took a snap with the defense all week. We didn’t find out that Greg Wesley wasn’t going to play until after the pre-game warm-up.”

On the improvement to the defensive line:

VERMEIL: “I do think the defensive line has played well or pretty darn good for quite a few games. They have all along and since the first part of the season they have been getting better and better and have done some real good things. John Browning played awfully well yesterday. He made some very physical plays against their great big left guard who’s big enough to eat hay. He must weigh 380 or 400 pounds. John one time did a physical thing on him where he stuffed him and threw him out of the way and made a tackle. It was startling and I ran it back three or four times. John’s a very powerful game.”

HOLTHUS: When do you believe that Kris Wilson will return?

VERMEIL: “At the end of last week I thought he might make it back this week. But he hurt his ankle in practice last Friday. He tweaked it and I think he’s very doubtful.”

On managing the clock at the end of the half:

VERMEIL: “Sometimes it doesn’t work the way you would like it to work. Timeouts are called for different reasons. Sometimes the quarterback didn’t get the call, sometimes the coordinator doesn’t quite have the call in his mind that he wants to make and so he calls a timeout rather than be forced. Sometimes the head coach just screws it up.

On the problem with turnovers:

VERMEIL: “Turnovers have been killing us, no question about it. Last year we were so much better in terms of taking the ball away that turnovers didn’t hurt us.. We still took it away more than we turned it over – like 18 times more.

“We’re not getting the takeaway because of the more man coverage that we played in the past. You don’t see the ball coming at you as you do when you’re playing zones. We’ve had 11 fumbles but only two of them have bounced into our hands. Yesterday the quarterback and center fumbled the snap and we don’t end up with the football. We’ve had 16 fumbles and have lost eight of them. Our opponents have had 12 and lost two. Sooner or later that balances out.”

On the ability to turn it around next year:

VERMEIL: “I was so optimistic going into this year I hate to be a predictor anymore. I’ve never been so far off as I have been this year in what kind of football I thought I’d have. In no way did I ever anticipate that after 11 games we’d be 3-8. I thought we’d be a better team, maybe not win as many games. I said that many times because of the strength of the schedule and where we played with opening at Denver and going to Baltimore and playing Monday night – those tough environments. But in no way did I anticipate being 3-8.

“It’s easy for me to say we shouldn’t be, but we are. Could this team turn around and be a real good team next year? Yes it could. It’s going to take a better job and some things to go our way and to stay healthy.”

HOLTHUS: You said as early as the end of the camp that you had some concerns. When you came out of River Falls how many of those concerns came to fruition?

VERMEIL: “Some of them came to fruition early. You go up there for four weeks and some of the last two weeks were sort of botched up by playing games on different days. So you lose hard practice days which helps you build a football team. Plus, we had four or five rainouts where we couldn’t go through our normal regular padded practices. Then if you wait for the next day it’s too close to a game so you can’t go a double day hard in pads. We made some other mistakes, too, which I feel can be rectified and done better.

“We’re all oriented to end results. We know how we’re evaluated. You win you’ve done a good job, you lose you’ve done a poor job. We accept that responsibility; that’s part of our profession. But I know that we’ve coached some things better this year than we did last year, especially on offense. Most of our numbers are better right now than they were last year at the same time. Our giveaway and takeaway are not and our loss record is not. Our run defense is better. But we’re all oriented to one thing: right now we’re not getting it done.”

On defensing San Diego’s tight end:

VERMEIL: “When we lost Greg Wesley in the pre-game warm-up that caused some concerns. But I think Willie Pile who went in there did a good job overall, not specifically on him but filling in. He hadn’t played since the first game. But the tight end is driving everybody crazy because of his athleticism, his size and speed and his ability to catch the football. They’re really utilizing him properly. We had him doubled a couple of times and he caught it because one of the guys didn’t play his discipline within the coverage.”

On what happened on Lawrence Tynes’ missed extra point:

VERMEIL: “He missed it. I don’t know if anybody’s missed two PAT’s this year. It shocked me. I haven’t talked to him about it because the only thing he could say was he missed it.”

Baby Lee
11-30-2004, 12:30 PM
DV Show-long
It's spelled - S C H L O N G.

11-30-2004, 12:32 PM
It's spelled - S C H L O N G.

it sure aint schwing

11-30-2004, 12:35 PM
Kris Wilson must be a real puzzy....hurt his ankle.:banghead:

11-30-2004, 12:42 PM
Kris Wilson must be a real puzzy....hurt his ankle.:banghead:

He fit the profile.

11-30-2004, 12:46 PM
Anybody put an APB out on Sammie Parker yet?

Rain Man
11-30-2004, 12:50 PM
Please don't make us use a zone defense, Dick. Please.

I liked the 'big enough to eat hay' remark.

11-30-2004, 12:58 PM
That wasn't all they talked about either .....it's not all printed.

11-30-2004, 01:00 PM
That wasn't all they talked about either .....it's not all printed.

maybe UserName hacked the Chiefs site :trying for humor:

11-30-2004, 01:01 PM
Anybody put an APB out on Sammie Parker yet?

No kidding what in the hell happened to that guy?????

11-30-2004, 01:02 PM
maybe UserName hacked the Chiefs site :trying for humor:

Ya think that pissy lolypop had anything to do with it ?

11-30-2004, 01:07 PM
Ya think that pissy lolypop had anything to do with it ?

probably not