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02-27-2005, 05:52 PM
they just had john clayton on espn news from the scouting combine and he said the chiefs are taking a good look at him,so i guess his domestic situation that got him in trouble a few months back isnt having an effect in the chiefs mind. however he also said that rolle wants a big signing bonus ,maybe even bigger than what ty law would want,and also gary baxter in baltimore just turned down a 10 million dollar bonus, which i dont understand cause i mean i think hes alright but he aint that great. i still say if law comes with the right price we get him,but role would be my third choice after smoot if we cant get law.

02-27-2005, 05:57 PM
Surtain, Rolle, and Trotter/Bell.


02-27-2005, 06:08 PM
This is from an article by Adam Schefter on NFL.com. Its only a small portion of it, I only posted what relates to the Cornerback situation.

Work plows on in NFL offseason

By Adam Schefter
Special to NFL.com

Get ready for some huge, HUGE money that is going to be shelled out to free-agent cornerbacks.

Recently-released cornerback Samari Rolle from the Titans is going to sign a deal that includes a signing bonus of $12-$15 million, and is worth anywhere from $24-$26 million over the first three years of the deal.

Ravens free-agent corner Gary Baxter already has turned down a $10 million signing bonus from Baltimore.

Browns free-agent cornerback Anthony Henry is going to get at least a $10 million signing bonus.

And if recently-released cornerback Ty Law is healthy, watch out. Some team such as the Chiefs or Colts is going to pay him big dollars for the big task of trying to knock off the Patriots.

Suddenly, the one-year, $10.5 million tender that Oakland cornerback Charles Woodson signed looks like a bargain.

Looks like Rolle thinks he is worth the bank. With his past injury history, I dont know who would be willing to pay out that much money unless it was tied up in incentives.

Dr. Johnny Fever
02-27-2005, 06:08 PM
These guys and their financial demands are just ****ing ridiculous. I suppose they're gonna ask for the big bucks right out of the box and see if anyone will pay it, but damn. Not every team is the Bears....some actually have brains.

Baby Lee
02-27-2005, 06:09 PM
chiefs taking serious look at samari rolle
A little wasabi.
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02-27-2005, 06:10 PM
chiefs taking sirius look at samari rolle!
chiefs1111 did you just call in. some one from kc call in and ask the same ?

02-27-2005, 06:12 PM
Anyone on this thread know English?

02-27-2005, 06:14 PM
Anyone on this thread know English?


Dr. Johnny Fever
02-27-2005, 06:15 PM
Anyone on this thread know English?

02-27-2005, 06:47 PM
Anyone on this thread know English?Me no speako Englisho, amigo.