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Rain Man
10-10-2005, 02:49 PM
HB - Holmes vs. Portis. Portis is a good one, even if he's his own biggest fan. 5/5
FB - Richardson vs. TE Robert Royal (Skins have a base 2-TE set, according to NFL.com). Royal is a 260-lb. blocking TE whose 7 receptions so far this year are one off his career high. 8/2
QB - Green vs. Brunell. I think Brunell is better than he's given credit for. Green has yet to get warmed up this year. 6/4
WR - Kennison vs. Santana Moss. Moss is a one-season wonder, but he's playing well this year and averaging 19 yards per catch. 5/5
WR - Parker vs. David Patten. Patten is an aging #2/#3 receiver, which places him well above the #7 receiver we've got right now. 1/9
TE - Gonzalez vs. Chris Cooley. Second-year guy who started half the season last year and had 37 catches. Possibly better than he looks at first glance. Tony wins easily. 9/1
LT - Roaf (yay!) vs. Chris Samuels. Former very high pick has a couple of pro bowls under his belt and is probably at the peak of his career. Willie is going to be a little rusty, but still is the Mount Rushmore of tackles. 6/4
LG - Waters vs. Derrick Dockery. Dockery is an enormous 335 lb. guard in his third year. Former 3rd round pick who won the starting job in the fourth game of his rookie year. Waters is a pro bowler. 8/2
C - Weigman vs. Casey Rabach. Rabach is new to the Redskins after four years with the Ravens (one year as a starter). He was a third-round pick in 2001. He appears to have a similar career path as our Casey. 5/5
RG - Shields vs. Randy Thomas. Thomas is a former second-round pick who was one of the three guards that Snyder spent a fortune for a couple of years back. Solid, not Shields. 7/3
RT - Black (?) vs. Jon Jansen. Jansen is playing hurt right now, but is a top-notch tackle. Black is bouncing around on the line, if indeed he'll even be the starter here this week. 1/9
K - Tynes vs. John Hall. Hall is an established veteran, but has a gimpy quad. Anyone know if he's in? He would normally win this battle, but the injury knocks him down a peg, and the Redskins may even have a homeless street kicker lining up. 7/3
P - Colquitt vs. Derrick Frost. Journeyman punter with a 39.9 career average over 2+ seasons. Colquitt's average isn't good right now, but he forces fumbles. 7/3
KR/PR - Hall vs. Ladell Betts (KR)/James Thrash (PR). Whatever. Hall wins. 8/2
FS - Wesley vs. Sean Taylor. Taylor's a head case, but he hits like a bus. 3/7
SS - Knight vs. Matt Bowen. Bowen is in his sixth year and has 4 career interceptions and 4 forced fumbles. 'Nuff said. 7/3
LCB - Surtain vs. Walt Harris or (likely) Carlos Rogers. Harris is hurt, so rookie Rogers may start. Give veteran all-pro Surtain the edge. 8/2
RCB - McCleon (?) vs. Ade Jimoh or Shawn Springs. Both teams are unsettled at RCB due to injuries and suspensions. Let's call it even since we have no idea who's going to line up. 5/5
LLB - Johnson vs. Warrick Holdman. Some people here love Holdman, but I don't see great stats. Let's call it even for now, since DJ is still learning. 5/5
RLB - Bell vs. Marcus Washington. Washington is a big (250 lb.) guy who has been very productive, albeit unknown, during his career. Lavar Arrington is in his room getting a ten-minute timeout and could start. Who knows? 3/7
MLB - Mitchell vs. Lemar Marshall. Marshall is an undrafted free agent who got a starting spot last year. Eh. Believe it or not, Mitchell might be better. 6/4
LDE - Hicks vs. Renaldo Wynn. In terms of stats and production, Wynn could be Hicks' long-lost twin. 5/5
RDE - Allen vs. Phillip Daniels. Ten-year veteran was the flavor of the month back in the late 90s when he played in Seattle. Productive veteran whose pass rush has been fading. Injured most of last year. 5/5
LDT - Browning vs. Cornelius Griffin. Former 2nd-round pick of the Giants is big and piles up tackles. Reasonable pass-rush. Strong player for an unknown. 3/7
RDT - Dalton vs. Joe Salave'a. You may have heard this somewhere before, but the Samoan DT with the initials JS isn't that scary. Averages about one tackle a game and 1 or 2 sacks per season. 8/2


Offense: Chiefs 61, Redskins 49
Special Teams: Chiefs 22, Redskins 8
Defense: Chiefs 58, Redskins 52 Edit: Corrected a transposition of SS numbers. I have no idea how our defense looks more talented than theirs, unless they're greater than the sum of the parts.

Critique away if you know more than I do...which is likely.

10-10-2005, 02:53 PM
Chiefs 3
Redskins 7

10-11-2005, 08:11 AM
Pretty good analysis Rain Man.

excuse to get it back on front page.

We play 'skins this week...

Go Chiefs.

10-11-2005, 08:35 AM
I see one glaring difference this week. The Chiefs have been playing against big, physical WRs like Owens, rMoss, and to some extent Rod Smith and Coles.

The Redskins provide a different challenge in that they have the smaller/quick Wr in sMoss. Patten is a serviceable vet.

I think the Key is going to be that the front 4 get some pressure on Bruenell(I know...wishfull thinking) and contain Portis. If he goes off for 150....its a L....If they hold him to 75, or can get a quick lead and force wash into passing alot.....we'll leave happy.

I'd feel ALOT better about this game if the Chiefs had actually practiced during the bye week...at least a couple of days. The Offense hasn't been what it has been the past 3 years, and TODAY's production is what counts...not last year's TDs. The Oline has to gel and improve, Roaf coming back is a huge improvement, but be it Black,Sampson, Bober or Welbourne at RT...its still shakey.

The Chiefs need to get the running game going, bash at that Dline and work the play action to open things up. Washington's secondary is beat up and should be vulnerable to a bigger day than the defenses numbers would show we should expect.

As for your writeup bRainman....I think Chris Cooley is more of the hback/fb roll to compare to Richardson. He is what we were told Wilson would be.

10-11-2005, 09:15 AM
Pretty good comparison...except, how could our defense ever be that close to Washington in the talent numbers?

...or is it just that we look good on paper and are under achievers?

...or maybe there should be a talent comparison for working together as a unit?

I'd drop Dalton down to a 5 based on his play this year. I'd also drop the entire defensive backfield down to a 2, based on the scheme (or lack of) we've employed so far.

10-11-2005, 09:25 AM
...I would like to read some comparision of the coaching staffs....

10-11-2005, 09:28 AM
I think Black vs. Jansen should be 2/8 instead of 1/9. Otherwise I think you've got it about right. Nice job.

10-11-2005, 09:29 AM
Anyone know what's REALLY up with Arrington?

10-11-2005, 10:01 AM
Redskins will slow the game down and run the ball then put Brunnell in a situation for a last second drive. That's the Redskins game plan so far this year. As a Jaguar fan I am surprised by Brunnell so far this year as in his last 3-4 years in Jacksonville he had much problems with last second drives.

Adept Havelock
10-11-2005, 10:20 AM
C - Weigman vs. Casey Rabach. Rabach is new to the Redskins after four years with the Ravens (one year as a starter). He was a third-round pick in 2001. He appears to have a similar career path as our Casey. 5/5

Well, at least now I know what happened to Chief Rabach after he retired as the cook on the USS Missouri.

I'm surprised they let him play pro ball after killing Tommy Lee Jones with a knife...but I guess there's the Ray Lewis precedent.

KC 24 Redskins 14