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11-01-2011, 12:44 PM

The spooks and scares of Halloween came a few days early in Scottsdale, Ariz. this year.

While another game was making national news across town for a bizarre coaching tactic, the Horizon (Scottsdale, Ariz.) game against Notre Dame Prep (Scottsdale, Ariz.) also featured a dose of the unusual, albeit of the more frightening variety: an apparent UFO sighting.

In a video from the game uploaded to You Tube yesterday, at least four bright, fast-moving lights can be seen in the sky over the field. The crowd can be heard celebrating in the background, and the announcer appears to be describing a touchdown by Horizon receiver Dushawn Brown.

At that point, a fan in the crowd can be heard commenting on the lights.

The description of the video includes some insight into how the objects were moving, saying "they would disappear/reappear and hover motionless. They danced back and forth in a wave motion."

Horizon head coach Steve Casey noticed the lights during the game.

"I did see it during the game," he said. "I said to one of my assistant coaches that the aliens came to watch us play."

Casey said that four or five lights appeared over the southeast part of the stadium. He then saw one disappear.

However, Casey has chalked it up as some sort of prank.

"I don't believe in extraterrestrial stuff," he said. "So I took it as a joke."

This is not the first reported UFO sighting at a football game this fall.

A sighting in September also involved a school named Notre Dame, though only slightly more famous than the Scottsdale school.

The Fighting Irish of South Bend, Ind., were in the midst of a weather delay in a season-opening match up with the University of South Florda on Sept. 3 when a UFO sighting occured. The incident was reported by several media outlets.

The encounter at Horizon appears to be the first alleged UFO sighting at a high school football game.

It's worth noting that Scottsdale is roughly 425 miles away from Roswell, N.M., a city made famous for its UFO encounters.

Horizon lost the game 30-27, eliminating its chance of earning a playoff berth.

More video of the reported sighting can be found here.

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