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06-30-2016, 08:59 AM
The political season is getting to a few folks....


A naked man screaming about Donald Trump in Times Square Thursday morning was injured after falling off the red steps at the TKTS booth as scores of people including cops watched in disbelief.

"Donald Trump, where are you?" the man screamed repeatedly.

For about 90 minutes, the man ran around the Duffy Square area, said Wesley Ahlgren, who was sitting down for breakfast with his family at the nearby Marriott Renaissance hotel with his family when he spotted the unidentified man around 7:30 a.m.

Ahlgren live-streamed the spectacle on the social media app Periscope drawing thousands of viewers as the emotionally disturbed man sauntered around on the TKTS booth ledge at the Crossroads of the World. Several police officers stood by assessing how to handle the situation.

Ahlgren said the cops showed incredible restraint despite being taunted and spat on by the man.

"A couple times it looked like (the police) were going to maneuver on him. He started spitting on the police quite a bit. I was surprised at how calm they were throughout the whole incident," Ahlgren said.

"There were some non-American people (in the breakfast room) saying, 'If this was my country they would've shot the guy by now.'"

The incident fluctuated between comical, bizarre and tragic. At one point he displayed some sort of calisthenics routine, jumping up and down while flailing his arms. At other times he danced on the ledge, about 25 feet above the ground.

About 30 people watched from the hotel breakfast area with Ahlgren, all offering their own bit of commentary.

"Some locals were there and they said, 'Just a Thursday in New York,'" Ahlgren said. "An Australian family said, 'We came for sightseeing but how are we going to top this?'"

After antagonizing police for over an hour, the man sprinted by two cops. One officer reached out to grab his arm but the man tried to evade capture and instead fell off the edge.

He plummeted to the ground, missing an air bag emergency responders had set up beneath him.

Despite the fall, he continued to fight with police as they strapped him to a stretcher.

He was taken to Bellevue Hospital conscious and alert, though the extent of his injuries were not immediately clear.

06-30-2016, 10:12 AM
Looks like he's suffering from a bad case of pixalated junk. That shit will drive you crazy.