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chiefqueen 12-11-2005 07:25 PM

Time to start rebuillding............
OKAY, if we CAN'T stop an old, slow, immobile quarterback we are NOT going to stop Manning, Brees, and Palmer. (We win one to finish 9-7 my guess is Cincy.)

We us not making the playoffs DV will retire in all likeihood and a massive 4-5 year rebuilding effort begins.

SO Now we need to focus on who to keep & who to drop. I beginning to think we may be able to shave a year or two off our rebuilding effort if we have a fire sale and accumulate draft picks during the next 3 years.

IN my book no one safe and if I'm the GM I make moves the fans won't like (for example trading LJ and Dante) because both of them will too long in the tooth we the team should be in contention again.

I had propose building around DJ but he will likely be referred to by the media as the one that cost us the playoffs (and yes, that call may be iffy), but if we will miss the playoffs b/c of him how he handle the pressure that some in the KC media will put him under (namely Harry, Whitlock, and Kietzman).

I know this is radical. But we all knew going into the season that if we missed the playoffs we would having to undertake a major rebuilding effort. What I'm suggesting is completely gutting the team, accumulating draft picks over a two to three year period, and the having all of them "gel" at the same time. (Similar to what Dallas did in the late 80's - I think we would agree that paid off.)

And, yes, I know what I'm suggest will cause the Chiefs going 1-15 or 2-14 next year and only winning 4 or 5 the year after. But IMO that could pay off dividends in 2009 or 2010 rather than just rebuilding in pieces, winning between 6 and 9 games every year, and hoping we win 9 games in a year that a 9-7 record will get you drilled in the wild-card round of the playoffs.

Mecca 12-11-2005 07:27 PM

After todays game I wonder what all the people who said we didn't need Dline in the first round are thinking.......

Reaper16 12-11-2005 07:28 PM

Allard Baird? Since when have you posted here?

JBucc 12-11-2005 07:31 PM

Get the best dlinemen available and trade up if you have to. Get another CB in free agency too. And ****ing get rid of Woods and McPasson.

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