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Yosef_Malkovitch 10-15-2000 04:48 PM

Wow - the Raiders have won 4 of the last 22 games vs KC. Now they've won 2 of the last 2. At Arrowhead no less. Congratulations raidernation! You finally have something to cheer about.

The-Chief 10-15-2000 05:02 PM


The best part is two-in-a-row at Pinhead and a two-game lead in the division... Here's hoping to increasing the lead...

Cannibal 10-15-2000 05:33 PM

Unfortunately Gunther is proving he is no Marty when it comes to coaching against the Raiders...

Yosef_Malkovitch 10-15-2000 05:37 PM

Very good point, RN. These last 2 losses hurt as bad as any, IMHO.

gh4chiefs 10-15-2000 06:51 PM

Thank you, Phobia. Yes, we are partying by the Bay. It was a long, hard decade - thank Al its over! Was it zero wins at Arrowhead since 1988? 2 and 0 in 2000!! That was a big, red, stinky monkey on our backs. He's gone now.

KC now leads 40-39-2. It'll even up in a few weeks.

CASHMAN 10-15-2000 07:03 PM

Check your math...

Oakland 5-1
Denver 4-3

It's a one game lead, buddy and Denver beat Oakland, so the division is tight! Oakland still travels to Mile High, so don't get too excited yet.

DaKCMan AP 10-15-2000 07:05 PM

UD - Yeah, the entire record of the teams vs each other shows that it is a rivalry, no doubt about it.

The-Chief 10-15-2000 07:26 PM

Piled High:

I wasn't considering your team when I made my previous comment. However, if you want some math, the difference between 5-1 and 4-3 is 1.5 games, not 1 game...

kcred 10-16-2000 03:13 AM

Man, I've heard this 18 out of the last 21 (now 22) sooo many times. Its like a security blanket for KC stat mongers (the guilty know who they are)
... Its a what have you done for me lately world.... At one point SF owned the Rams also... Times change.

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Baby Lee 10-16-2000 03:52 AM

Congratulations Raiders You won. Game over put it behind you and go on to the Rams. After all it's a moot point to rehash this game and to bring up history. Hawaiiboy is right it's a what have you done for me lately world.

AustinChief 10-16-2000 05:36 AM

Pinhead??? Obviously RC has not had the benefit of watching a game at a real stadium and has been stuck in chokeland or seacom stadium watching them.

Corporate, Picture a sold out, full, completing singular color wearing ocean all driven toward the same goal. The parking lot full of people wishing they could come in more than 3 hours early to celebrate as family and cook the proverbial fatted calf in celebration to a great day. This is done regardless of the weather, sleet, snow, even a flood a couple of years ago. Imagine the noise inside to be a football educated crowd knowing when to be silent and when to raise the level to near ear damaging volume. Now picture that stadium exactly the same 8 weeks a year regardless of the outcome of last week's game.

Now remember the games you have been to in chokeland coliseum and remember the empty seats all around, the slight drizzle keeping several thousand home as they have "better things to do", your unbelievable 80 decibel roar, and the peanut vendors being the only source of substenance outside the entry doors.

Pinhead? Not hardly.

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[This message has been edited by KCWolfman (edited 10-16-2000).]

The-Chief 10-17-2000 05:03 PM

Wolfman, picture this, baby...


King_Chief_Fan 10-17-2000 05:12 PM

Ya, the score says zero to zero.

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