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RealSNR 09-08-2011 12:55 PM

Happy 45th birthday, Star Trek

Another story for all Star Trek fans to relish; not only are we celebrating 45 years of something that we love, we are also taking an opportunity to celebrate the career of the ultimate Star Trek fan. Larry Nemecek, a sharp undergrad of East Central University, has taken his love all things Trek and made the ultimate career that any fan (including myself) would love to have.

Author, editor and Star Trek consultant Larry Nemecek has been one of the largest contributors to the Star Trek franchise without having actually worked on a show… in a way. His contributions out of love for Trek are amazing and very inspiring.

Larry recalled the hilarious anecdote that introduced him to the wonderful world of Star Trek.

“My ninth grade science teacher and two kids were goofing around and what they had done was painted blue dots on their heads,” he laughed, “What are you guys Ajax and blue dot cleaner?”

“Oh, Larry, no, we’re Halkans from Mirror, Mirror.” She replied.


“Oh, no, Larry, don’t tell me you don’t know Star Trek.”

Nemecek was only vaguely familiar with a show that had a guy with pointy ears. Needless to say, once Nemecek watched it he was hooked.

At one point, there was only one incarnation of Star Trek. As difficult as that is to imagine, it is a reality. The only cannon there was is what the fans themselves began to establish.

Unfortunately, the traditional image of the early or maybe even current Star Trek fans are less favorable than what most ladies would want in their man. This is not so true, folks.

“This whole thing it [fans] being pimple-faced boys in the basement –not true. The early fandom was all women who had sexual attractions to Mr. Spock.”

Much of Leonard Nimoy’s fan mail during the run of the original Star Trek was from women who had sexual fantasies about his character Mr. Spock.

Larry expressed his fascination with the behind-the-scenes tidbits that add dimension to the reality of Star Trek lore.

“My first thrust into Star Trek was the canon, the continuity. What made it very cool was the background that was so developed and so fleshed out that if you stepped through your TV it was real. If it wasn’t fleshed out in the TV, someone would write a technical manual and flesh it out.”

Nemecek, being an avid fan interested in the glue that held the continuity together, was more than interested in contributing to the world of Star Trek canon.

“I started writing letters and got enraptured in all these loose stars and planets, someone should organize these.”

Nemecek began a bold mission; to chart every planet and star mentioned in the Star Trek series. Unbeknownst to him, a major project was in the works called Star Trek Maps. All of he and his partner’s (Geoffrey Mandel) work for the last two to three years was not going to come to fruition.

Nemecek was promised that some of his maps would be used in the sidebar and that he would receive credit as well as a free copy.

“Three or four people’s names were stripped from the credits, so I never got my credit for the star maps, and I never got a copy. It wasn’t the gentleman’s fault, it was just one of those freak show things that happens.”

Nemecek did have a star named after him in the book.

“My friends knew the story and when we’d go to the conventions, they’d point it out and say ‘Hey, Larry show us your star!’” Nemecek recalled his small moment or notoriety.

When Star Trek: The Next Generation began in 1987, Nemecek reached out. Inspired by Bjo Trimble’s Star trek Concordance, Nemecek would do the same for the bold and brave new Trek series.

“I wrote to Richard Arnold, and said hey I would love to do anything for the show.”

Nemecek was rejected by the assistant to creator Gene Roddenberry—as were thousands of others now flooding the Star Trek offices in the same way.

“I had gotten a four head VCR to record all the shows each week and start taking notes on the shows just like Bjo did on the original.”

Nemecek bought his brand new Apple Macintosh Plus and started his Star Trek: The Next Generation Concordance. He created his copy of Star Trek TNG Concordance 1 and it was sold at their local Star Trek convention in Nemecek’s native of Oklahoma.

"I sent a copy to Richard to invite him to the following year.”

Richard Arnold was very impressed.

“They didn’t have anything past the writer’s guide and they had done 26 episodes. I did this without scripts so I didn’t always have the proper spelling.”

Richard had taken copies of the concordance back to the writers on the series and they were eternally grateful to Nemecek for his more than organized concordances.

During TNG’s fifth season, Nemecek would start working on a future New York Times bestseller; this was not going to prove to be an easy task. With a shoestring for a time limit, the first licensed episode guide was released. The Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion was made available in paperback and on CD-ROM. There were a total of three editions of this book, the second was released following the end of TNG and the release of Star Trek: Generations and the final version just after the release of Star Trek: Nemesis.
Nemecek later became the editor for the Star Trek Communicator for 8 years. He also contributed very largely to the Star Trek Fact Files, a publication that used to be available in the UK.

Nemecek is working on an exciting new project for Star Trek fans that can also share in the credit.

The Con of Wrath will be a film documentary about the big dream convention that crashed. The most notable aspect of that event is that all parties—including the cast—HUNG IN to make "the show go on." All three times! And the questions in hindsight that the "crash" might not have been the organizers' fault at all.

Just after the release of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, a grand event was promised to the fans. Every cast member from the film was to be there, except Leonard Nimoy. It was going to be a three show juggernaut with tens of thousands of fans.

“There was going to be this rock star convention with laser lights, a talk show and a play that Walter Koenig wrote that they were going to act in. This was supposed to take place all at a basketball arena in Houston.” Nemecek spoke of the event.

Again, there was supposed to be tens of thousands of people at each show.

A total of 2,400 people showed up for all three shows.

Well Nemecek is going back where it all started to round up the tales from all the parties involved with the con that crashed. Star Trek star Walter Koenig is on board for this event that promises to deliver what the original Con did not.

Nemecek being a fan of Star Trek gives his assessment on the current state of the franchise.

“When the news came of JJ’s [Abrams] new [Star Trek] film came, it was great. This is good stuff, that’s all well and good but a two hour movie every 3-4 years is just pretty puny. Star Trek was a television show created as such, that’s when it’s at its stride when you’ve got a crew on a weekly adventure reflecting the news of the time.”

Nemecek is as big a contributor to helping keep the vision alive as any of those who have brought the creativity to the screen. With his intellect and passion for the continuity of Star Trek, it is sure to live long and prosper.

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Ahh the original abstinance only program.

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