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Mike 09-24-2000 02:23 PM

This opening drive is sounding good. Keep it up Raye! Gonzalez already has 3-4 catches.

Mike 09-24-2000 02:24 PM

TD Richardson!

Mike 09-24-2000 02:24 PM

Anybody here?

Kurt Surber 09-24-2000 02:27 PM

Hey!!!! I just got on. Kick off to the end zone> Way to go Saurbraun.

Kurt Surber 09-24-2000 02:30 PM

I am so mad We were supposed to get the game on CBS but they are showing the sea SD game.

Milissa 09-24-2000 02:32 PM

me too... instead they're showing TB and the jets..... So sick of all this Keyshawn mess.....

Mike 09-24-2000 02:36 PM

Offensive PI! Chiefs D holds for a FG attempt. Whew!

Kurt Surber 09-24-2000 02:38 PM

Yea way to hold them.... brb gonna try to find a bar to go watch it at.

Desert Chief 09-24-2000 02:44 PM

first down Alexandar!

end of the 1st qtr

Mike 09-24-2000 02:48 PM

Need 7, gain 1?

Mike 09-24-2000 02:48 PM

On the bright side, at least we didn't run it on 3rd and 7.

Desert Chief 09-24-2000 02:49 PM

58 punt, 22 yard return

good protection for EG so far...

Desert Chief 09-24-2000 02:50 PM


I know, that is a good sign.

Desert Chief 09-24-2000 02:51 PM


Desert Chief 09-24-2000 02:53 PM

Dan Williams offside...

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