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gblowfish 10-13-2021 12:40 PM

X-Factor isn't The Weirdest....
X-Factor is clearly a mess and IMHO has been an embarrassment to the Chiefs and KC as a whole. But he isn't the weirdest story in Chiefs history concerning a "Super Fan." Back right after 9/11 KC has a guy who painted his head like a Chiefs Helmet and went around the stadium banging a drum. Fans called him "Helmet Head." The FBI called him "Off the Reservation in the Witness Protection Program." Wow...

Bwana 10-13-2021 12:47 PM

alpha_omega 10-13-2021 12:48 PM

Edgar Sanchez... ROFL

ChiefsCountry 10-13-2021 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by alpha_omega (Post 15892254)
Edgar Sanchez... ROFL

That's just so Dirty.

Dunerdr 10-13-2021 12:51 PM

This is the mother of xfactors children?

Cheater5 10-13-2021 12:59 PM

The Chiefs banned him? That's weak sauce.

Mephistopheles Janx 10-13-2021 01:10 PM

Nope... while this was an interesting read Ty Rowton is still *DEFINITIVELY* "the wierdest".

KCrockaholic 10-13-2021 01:13 PM

Yeah I'm gonna have to say Rowton is still the ****in weirdo here....

ReynardMuldrake 10-13-2021 01:16 PM

He wasn't in witness protection. That was just cocaine and alcohol.

T-post Tom 10-13-2021 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by Cheater5 (Post 15892279)
The Chiefs banned him? That's weak sauce.

Good call by the Chiefs in my opinion. They only banned him from dressing up as his “character.” Once his story became public, he became a safety concern to any of the fans around him. His disregard for his own safety should not extend to the other fans in the stadium. Just my two cents.

neech 10-13-2021 01:49 PM

You would think you wouldn't want high exposure to the public when you are in the Witness protection program.

Marcellus 10-13-2021 02:14 PM

Remember Belly Boy? I know a guy who he worked with that said he was arrested after going and getting his gun and coming back to work after getting fired. (or something along those lines)

This was many many years ago as well but he may have been the actual craziest of them all.

MTG#10 10-13-2021 02:23 PM

Meth Factor is way weirder, this guy doesn't even come close

Superturtle 10-13-2021 02:32 PM

A guy that paints a helmet on himself vs a guy that should never be out in public without a helmet. Which one is weirder?

jettio 10-13-2021 02:34 PM

He would have been better off using a different outfit for the relocation instead of the US Marshall's Service.

If he had called Best Quality Vacuum and said, "I need a dust filter for a Hoover Max Extract® 60 Pressure Pro." he could have been the Chiefs assistant special teams coach.

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