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Originally Posted by luv View Post
Mostly to see if I can. However, I want to see how I feel. Most of the time, when I'm tempted to go to a fast food joint, it's because I want a burger. This will help me to avoid fast food, thus saving money and calories.

I guess I wouldn't mind finding out if there are other benefits? I just figure it doesn't hurt to try.
There are other benefits. There is plenty of info on that elsewhere (and there is counter-info & debate elsewhere too).

If you want to do it as a personal challenge - then go ahead. The longest stretch I went was around 6 months. If you're not so much concerned with going a certain # of days but instead health benefits I would instead recommend a lifestyle change rather than a # of days type diet. Cut back, but don't cut it out completely. Limit your consumption to maybe twice a week or once a week or once every two weeks.
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