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Originally Posted by Team RamRod
I could not stand being a Steelers fan. You know exactly what your getting from them every single season. You get a solid team that plays tough D and for the most part, mistake free O. You would know as a Steelers fan, that your team is playoff caliber, barring injuries, but in the back of your mind, you also know that you aren't getting to the big one either. I would rather a team not make the playoffs than consistently lose again, and again, and again in the playoffs year after year.

I couldn't take it. There's no mystery involved with the Steelers.

I can understand fan. When December rolls around you have your Sundays available for getting that Christmas shopping done. I envy you.

You guys are riding high after beating a rebuilding SD team. Nice offense. Let's see what happens when you have to face a "playoff caliber" team.
Our D is a "bit tougher this year" and our O is a "bit more mysterious". Oh and by the way‚ I rather enjoy being a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.
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