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Some more:

Turk McBride:

Positives: Has thick muscle mass, with a broad upper frame, muscular arms, wide hips, good bubble and thick thighs … Strong, aggressive defender with impressive upper body strength … Has the quickness and timed speed to explode out of his stance and is the type who goes full speed on every play … Shows good urgency working his way down the line and has the pad level and burst to get quick penetration when he locates the gap … Has just an adequate feel for blocking schemes, but has improved his ability to "read hats" and slip off blocks … Is best served making plays in the move to compensate for a lack of size and bulk working the interior (will get pushed back by double teams), but knows how to use his quickness and hand placement to generate counter moves needed to escape trash … Generates a quick surge off the snap, showing the first step to gain advantage on the blockers … Has a good feel for blocking schemes, using his hands to keep opponents from attacking his feet … Has the functional strength and short-area quickness to flash into the backfield to flush out the quarterback … Takes good angles in pursuit when playing off the line and flattens with a good burst to close … Takes short steps to move through the pile and has enough functional lower body strength to sit and anchor vs. the single block (lacks the size to combat double teams, though) … Brings his hips in attempts to square up and wrap up ball carriers … Plays the game on his feet when on the move and while he lacks the long distance top speed, he has the short-area burst and acceleration to close … Shows urgency getting to the ball and the balance to defeat blocks coming off the edge … Closes with speed and uses his hands effectively to slip past blockers … Keeps very active with his arms when engaging and can quickly adjust to chase, showing an explosive burst when closing … Not really effective as a pass rusher off the edge, but does flash a decent swim move to beat a lethargic blocker (not good as a bull rusher) … When he keeps his hands active, he does an adequate job of creating separation from blockers … Given a free lane, he has enough short-area speed to pressure the pocket … Effective on stunts, taking good angles to the ball (can also slant with proper balance).

Negatives: Played tackle, but seems to struggle too much with multiple blocks to be effective playing inside in a three-technique system and doesn't have the long timed speed to get consistent penetration as an edge rusher … Gets tied up and stuck on double team blocks too much, especially when his initial move does not work … Has the speed to make the chase in lateral pursuit, but lacks the bulk to anchor at the point of attack or get stout to neutralize the inside rush lanes … Gets pushed around when trying to split blocks and while he can handle one-on-one action, he doesn't generate the hand punch to counter multiple blockers … Has to develop stronger arm swipes to prevent blockers from stranding him at the line of scrimmage (active with his hands, but his weight room strength fails to translate to the field) … Tends to get too tall in his stance and narrow in his base, making it easy for blockers to attack him low and ride him off … Shows good urgency in his play, but will over-pursue at times and lacks the plant-and-drive agility to recover and get back into the play … Undersized tackle who needs to keep his hands active in order to beat blocks (lacks bulk and strength to obliterate blockers) … More of a wrap-up tackler, but you would like to see more explosion behind his hits (will take a side at times and is not consistent in driving the ball carrier back) … Needs to do a better job reading the pre-snap, as he is prone to costly offside penalties.

Compares To: MONTAE REAGOR-Indianapolis … McBride lacks the bulk and brute strength to split double teams working at tackle, and lacks the sustained speed to be an effective edge rusher. Like Reagor, he plays with a high motor and it is his versatility that will earn him a roster spot. He has the potential to be a good situational player, but he doesn't have the power you look for at the point of attack. His good hand usage lets him slip single blocks and he shows a good spin move to be effective on outside stunts.
Tank Tyler:

DeMarcus Tyler, DT, North Carolina State

DeMarcus Tyler was a three year starter at defensive tackle for North Carolina State. Tyler played along side last year's number one pick, Mario Williams. Based on his imposing, large frame and exceptional upper body strength, he has been tagged with the nickname "Tank". Tyler is very physical at the line of scrimmage and utilizes his superior upper body strength to quickly shed blockers, fill the running lanes and "pound" the ball carrier. He has a quick first step which helps him explode in the backfield, typically resulting in negative yardage for the offense. Tyler is not much of a threat when it comes to the pass rush, but his girth and strength often requires a "double team", which opens up sack opportunities for his teammates. His speed is below average; therefore, he lacks the pursuit speed to chase down the ball carrier or quarterback. His work ethic and conditioning are a question mark, resulting in his lack of stamina late in the game. Tyler is not a playmaker on the line of scrimmage, but with a talented support cast surrounding him, he should be a very effective run stopper at the next level. He is arguably one of the top defensive tackles in the draft and placed with the right system and coaching staff, he could have a successful pro career. Tyler could possibly be a late first round pick in the draft, but is likely to go early in the second round.
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