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Originally Posted by Baby Lee View Post
I guess a better question is 'what do you think makes a great scene?'

How beloved the character was
An epic buildup

Do you like badass deaths or tearjerker deaths?

Thinking more about Dr. Green, his loss of the pre-eclamsic expectant mother in 'Love's Labor Lost' was pretty effing epic too.
Moving because went from healthy to dead over the course of the entire hour, and it was based on Dr. Greene didn't have the benefit of an obstetrics attending that day and made a tragic misdiagnosis, and Bradley Whitford straight up nails the helpless distraught husband.

Someone condensed it and set it cheesy music.

Boy I had forgotten this episode. I remember every female that worked at my hospital ocame to work that next day red eyed from crying through the night.

What a great episode that was.
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