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Originally Posted by HC_Chief
Pay close attention to the KC line, boy, it is the best in the business.
Where did 30pts per game get your team?

Sitting watching Pittsburgh in the playoffs!

Until your prove that they are at least a playoff team, they won't be taken seriously. At least at 4:00pm on Sunday, it will be clear that they won't be taken seriously after a good butt kickin but a real team in the Steelers...

And who cares what some of you bums think about my comments, OK? I'm sitting back laughing at some of your absurd comments about how much the are and this and that. You bums are going to have your dreams shattered and I'm going to come back here and rip on you worst than Faider fans would. I'm going to own this MB after Sunday!

And who is in your division? Denver, Chargers, LOL! Some powerhouse teams they are...Faiders are old geezers, especially after losing to the Titans. You bums are in for a rude awakening on Sunday!

I guarantee that there will be Steeler fans invading your stadium and we will be basking in our glory when the Black and Gold rain on your parade...

Steel Men Are Coming To Show KC What Football Is All About!

KC Will Be Steeler Country on Sunday!



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