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Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
I've been with Sprint 12 years and I've just about reached my breaking point.

I called Saturday night about their new Terms and Conditions. New conditions have 2 new clauses that I'm not comfortable with. Here is the gist of what I'm not happy about in the T&C land.

1) Sprint can determine how long your phone call can be and drop the call whenever they deem appropriate.

2) Sprint can act as a collection agency and call your employer if you owe them money. This is basically illegal and only regular collection agencies can do this, not Sprint reps.

So I call Saturday about my displeasure and they tell me too bad, it's not a material change. Any contract adjustment is a material change I tell them. It's not a monetary change because the price isn't going up, but cutting my calls when you want, and calling my employer if my bill to collect money absolutely is material. I said I have 30 days from July 1, which is when this posted to express my desire to leave ETF free. They refuse to let me out. I have had 5 lines on my account and my bill each month for the last 10 years has been around 250.

I called them back yesterday about all of this again, and tell them on top of the T&C issue, my cell service is just awful. It dropped 2 calls with my employer yesterday, I don't get even 3G in most places in my area (my wife has At&t and gets LTE, my mom has Verizon and gets 4G) and Sprint cant tell me when 4G or LTE will be available. I told the rep I was tired of paying high speed prices when they are providing dial up service.

She says they'd let me out if I return all of the iPhones on the account. I told her to eat shit. They've gotten the subsidies from the phones over the last year. The iPhones were over 1,200 last year and my ETF is 500.

Has anyone had success getting out of their Sprint contract? I've just had it with them.
Hey, the first clause could always work in your favor! I mean think about it, your mother-in-law calls, keeps you on the phone for hours and then suddenly click. Sprint said goodbye. Anyway, I agree, Sprint is one of the worst services available.
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