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Originally Posted by NewChief
Sleep Apnea is horrible. My wife's uncle has it, and he falls asleep constantly during the day. His doctor put him on Ritalin (as a stimulant) because he kept falling asleep at work and was going to get fired.
Fortunately for me, I hadn't reached that point....I'm also ADHD (undiagnosed and unmediated, but I'm sure of it) I'm normally hyperactive. So now instead of bouncing off the walls, I'm just "awake" and "engaged" enough when I'm with other problem is the moment I get ANY down a chair, with no stimulation....watching TV or a movie with my kids (that I'm not really interested in)....and on a rare occasion, "dozing" or eyes closing at a stoplight---which is what finally prodded me to going into the doctor.

Fortunately, for doesn't affect my daily responsibilities in a marked way, other than I'm probably less efficient than I use to be, or should be.

Hopefully, this surgery will get me back to "normal."
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