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Originally Posted by binkybink77 View Post

Mods there are regular posters that have volunteered and been elected as mods, they go by Mod #? so that they are easily identified, they have regular accounts they post under as well. Try again with your nonsense.

You will find no lack of slandering players, coaches, personal, head office, or owner on that board. Give up your non-informed bull shit.
Dave Spadaro, listed as an Administrator for EMB, has an entire thread dedicated to asking for feedback regarding how EMB is managed.

The same Dave Spadaro who is listed under the Philadelphia Eagles front office staff directory, in the and Publications Department as an Insider.

So to recap... a paid member of the Eagles organization is an administrator (and the LEAD administrator by the looks of it) on EMB.

EMB as an independent voice of the Eagles? Zero

Case closed.
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