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Originally Posted by HemiEd View Post
I did, and would do it again. He was a talented young QB that the Chiefs drafted, and Huard/Thigpen sucked.

Much like right now, the Chiefs should keep trying until they find one that has the talent to do the job. The small sample we saw from Stanzi was impressive, and he exhibited qualities we haven't seen from a Chief QB in forever. Hopefully they haven't ****ed that up by making him sit.
Brodie Croyle is not an NFL QB. Never was, never will be.

The fact you still can't see that, frankly is pathetic.

At least there was credible evidence to put faith in wanting McDaniels/Cassel/Pioli in KC, back in 2008. All three were successful in New England.

It was clear to most people that Croyle coming out of college, physically was not an NFL-caliber QB.
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