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The Douchebag Rule
CP's #1 rule: Don't be a douchebag for the sole purpose of ruining everyone's enjoyment of the board. This rule is subject to the interpretation of the moderators.

Opinion Spamming
There is nothing wrong with having unique opinions. It is part of what makes Chiefsplanet great. However, spamming the same opinion day after day and throughout multiple threads, to the point of thread derailment, is a punishable offense.

User Stalking
Users stalking other users around the board, specifically to incite rage and reaction from that member is not allowed. Cross-thread humor and occasionally poking fun at other members is fine. However, if a poster asks you to stop and you do not, or it is deemed you are going out of your way to harass them, you will be punished.

DC/Politics in the Lounge
Political posts that are irrelevant to the the thread topic aren't allowed in the Lounge. The DC forum is the place to go for political banter. There are times when politics are discussed in the Lounge, relating to football or major news/events. In these cases, it's expected the discussion remains somewhat civil and doesn't get hijacked by people standing on their political soapbox. Irrelevant or harassing political posts can warrant being banned from a thread, and repeat offenders may be temporarily restricted to the Romper Room, or banned in the most extreme cases.

Real-Life Crossover
Reaching beyond the internet and affecting any user's personal and professional lives will not be tolerated. This includes (but is not limited to) posting personal information or pictures, contacting family members, employees, employers, making unfounded claims about any user's personal lives and businesses, and falsely accusing any user of real life crimes. One particularly sensitive topic is pedo accusations, which will not be tolerated.

Posting personal information that was posted in the past or is easily found elsewhere online is also not tolerated when it falls under the User Stalking Rule. Possible exceptions may arise and will be handled at the moderators' discretion. Basically, leave people's real lives alone.

If you are a longtime regular, there is no problem with you posting links to your website. However, if your main reason for posting to Chiefsplanet is to sell stuff or to direct traffic to your own website, your thread will be removed and it may result in a ban.

NSFW Links and Images
Links and images that contain any grotesque or other NSFW content must be posted within NSFW Tags. There are no exceptions to this rule. NSFW images may not be posted using IMG tags or as attachments. Lastly, posting NSFW links and pics within normal spoiler tags will not suffice.

Overloading the Front Page with Threads
Posting an extraordinary amount of threads or bumping too many old thread within a small time period is not allowed.

Physical Threats
Physical threats deemed by the moderators to be serious in nature will result in an immediate ban.

Rude Comments in Prayers/Thoughts thread
Prayers/thoughts threads are not normal threads, and will be treated as such. Be respectful. If you donít have anything positive to add, move on to another thread.

Word Filter Evasion
Word Filters are in place. Do not add spaces, symbols or anything else with the intention of bypassing these filters. Do not post images containing words that are filtered by the system.

Disrespectful Treatment of Moderators
Moderators are users first and foremost. The moderating job is a voluntary position, and the mods are acting in the interest of what they think is best for the forum. All that is asked is that, if you are going to dispute a mod decision, do so in a respectable manner. Lastly, and obviously, do not threaten the board with legal action. This will result in an immediate ban.

False News or Thread Title
Many users come to Chiefsplanet for Chiefs news and updates. Posting false news stories or misleading thread titles (even as a joke) are prohibited.

Multiple Accounts and Banned Users
If any user has multiple active accounts, any and all accounts can be banned at any time. If a user has been permanently banned and come back under a new account, that user can be banned at any time at the moderatorsí discretion. Posting on the behalf of banned users prohibited. This includes any text, photos, or videos.

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