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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
Well, Sutton came from the Jets. One only has to watch the Jets for about 2 quarters before they get it.
its not exactly the same as the jets (link2)

Originally Posted by bob sutton
we’re trying to incorporate many of the things we did in New York. Again, it’s got to be tailored a little bit to the personnel here. But I think the transition will be good because it’s 3-4 based but it has a little bit more multiple than what I had done in New York before or the same that Romeo had run here. It will be a great starting point, a great jumping off point because a lot of the players have the characteristics that we’re looking for and we might just move it in a little bit different direction.”
Originally Posted by article
The Chiefs are still a 3-4 defense, as they were in 2012 under former coach Romeo Crennel. But instead of being static up front, they've turned into shape-shifters – adjusting to offensive looks, trying to change the scrimmage line on every snap and utilizing a variety of personnel packages.
Teams like Denver, under Payton Manning run a hurry up offense which makes it difficult for defenses to substitute personel. The chiefs cant afford to have a player who is limited to sub packages or one position such as 3-tech, because teams (such as denver) can easily switch to a run play without substitution. I dont think that Aaron Donald is an every down lineman for the chiefs (at least in a 3 man front).

Finally, the same issues that the chiefs faced in the second half of the season (teams beating the blitz with quick passes) was something that Sutton faced in the past. Here is what he said in 2009
Originally Posted by article
Sutton said opponents have been negating his blitz schemes, in part, by throwing the ball quickly or protecting the quarterback.
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