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I wouldnt force him to play 5-tech.

1. I havent seen how often the chiefs use a 3-tech, and wouldnt want to use a first round player whose role will be limited to only a few snaps.

2. Donald cant (and shouldnt) line up as a 3-tech on downs 1-3 in a 3 or 2 man front. He would be a liability in the run game. An offense that doesnt substitute its players (which is becoming popular) would limit the ability of the chiefs to sub him in or out.

Thus I dont want to devote premium picks on a player who is limited on what he can do and may be limited in how many snaps he can play.

because he may not fit the chiefs scheme, and the chiefs are not changing their scheme for him. The chiefs have already gone on record that their scheme is not changing for the 2014 season.

I dont try to force square pegs into round holes.
Yeah, a guy who led all of college football in TFL is a liability in the run game. If anything he would improve our ability to stop the run.
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