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Originally Posted by OldSchool View Post
Yeah, a guy who led all of college football in TFL is a liability in the run game. If anything he would improve our ability to stop the run.
pitt runs a 4-3 defense. the chiefs employ a 3-4 base defense.

A 4 man front has more fatties at the LOS than a 3 man front which makes it easier to defend the run.

Here is an example of the weight difference for a typical NFL defenses:
3 man front: Donald (285), Poe (350), walker/devito (305) = 940lbs
4 man front: 285 end, poe (350), Donald (285), 300 end = 1220

the defensive line is lining up against 5 x 300lb offensive lineman = 1500 lbs.
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