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Originally Posted by CoMoChief View Post
First of all it wasn't Baldwin IIRC. Not that it matters, but I think it may have been Newsome. I can't remember, all I know that it wasn't Baldwin or any of the main starters.

Secondly....the WR stopped in his route. Ball was still somewhat poorly thrown...but not entirely his fault.

Either way he's nowhere close to being the savior for KC or should he even be starting NFL reg season games.
It was Baldwin. And I addressed the Int (both of them if you go back and look). But just for you, if Harris blocks a little better, it is a TD waiting to happen as Manari is breaking wide open right in Quinn's progression of reads, but Harris's blown block changes things. Still a bad pass that shouldn't have been made.

And I didn't say he "IS" the QBotF. I said he "MAY BE". This team doesn't need a Dan Mariino. It just needs someone better than a 135 rushing yards we win, less than 135 rushing yards we lose QB that is now in place.

Don't see why some around here get so upset for folks who want more than this.
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