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Being satisfied with anything is an exercise in maintaining realistic expectations. Saying "I demand a top 5 QB or it just doesn't matter" simply isn't realistic. If you have a top 5 QB in the nfl for a decade, you probably have a fringe HOFer on your hands at worst. Saying "HOF or GTFO" is absolutely as stupid as it sounds.
Okay feel like we're talking semantics a little here but sure. I initially said top 5 QB. You say top 10 could win a SB. Whatever. That wasn't my point.

My point was that I think I'm discovering I'm more in favor of a boom or bust type pick at QB like Smith or Wilson. Why? Because I feel like the Matt Barkley to Andy Dalton comparison is a strong one for multiple reasons. I think he could be solid for a lot of years to come but doubt if he could ever be great in order to win a SB.

Now the term boom or bust is exactly that and I'm okay with that. If we hit that boom then we have a legit chance to get to a SB. If that guy is a complete bust then we'll be right here in 3-4 years to take the next highest rated QB in that draft.
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