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Originally Posted by Floridafan View Post
While I appreciate your response I would say, how can you expect to get funding for any kind of research that does not involve a "pharmaceutical answer". It won't happen. That is why you won't find any mainstream research about the dangers, they have a vested interest in only finding a drug related answer therefore no funding.

I would use a good friend of mine as an example. God rest his soul. He was from the KC area and had four Ph. D's in chemistry. Dr. Delta Gier. He left the "scientific world" because he got fed up with being denied funding when he would find answers to major conditions and be denied funding. The reason? They were vitamin based and therefore Big Pharma could not patent the drug and the research so they were not interested. He ended up in the "alternative" health sciences because he found them searching for the truth not just the profit.

I understand why people think the way they do. We are all bombarded with drug commercials all day long and by the time we are old enough to make a decision for ourselves we assume drugs are the answer.

One of the biggest reasons we don't have the mass deaths anymore from disease is we finally figured out simple sanitation. Believe it or not the Jewish Old Testament taught sanitation to the Jews. That is why they were accused many times in history of poisoning the water etc wherever they lived and were punished. They followed Torah and the Goys were too busy pissing upstream and drinking downstream. What I'm saying is sanitation has taken care of many of the dreaded diseases from the past.

As far as the rest of the world, I can't say. Too many children suffer from malnutrition and unsanitary conditions. I do know that there is a chiropractic hospital in Zimbabwe and they are having phenomenal results with AIDS patients there.

While I know I don't have all the answers I know Big Pharma isn't it. Click on the link in my other post and just see the lawsuits brought on by their deceptive ways of doing business. To them its all about profits, not health, it's been shown too many times to be otherwise.

One last thing You said "but there is absolutely no proof that the current view of disease is wrong until your counterpoint is made with as much absolute evidence"

Our current view of disease is the Germ Theory. Why after all this time is it not called the Germ Law? Because it is a theory nothing more. If it were true we would all be dead. Why did only 1/3 of Europe die of Bubonic Plague, 25 million died, 50 million lived. All were exposed so why? It's called immunity. That is why it makes more sense to keep your immunity strong. My children were not lucky, they were taken care of and we built there immunity in early childhood. We also fed them healthy food and kept their bodies functioning properly. Healthy people don't get sick, sick people get sick. We have been taught that if you feel OK you must be healthy. Wrong. symptoms are nothing more than a warning sign, much like the oil light in a car. You don't fix that with tape over the light, you check the oil pan to make sure your wife didn't rip it off going over a concrete stopper in a parking lot. Watch all the drug commercials, they all talk about getting rid of your symptoms not correcting the underlying cause of the disease. Just my opinion.
No offense, but you're slipping into a laughable position now. To say there's no funding for actual effective medical research is incredibly ignorant. The pharmaceutical market certainly appreciates their pills that treat symptoms and require continued use. But to say that an actual effective treatment for something important would or could be denied or ignored because Big Pharma can't make as much money is an incredible stretch. The pharmaceutical market couldn't completely control it even if it wanted to.

And in the example with your friend, he didn't get funding because vitamins and other homeopathic items are not regulated. There's an important reason why it's not regulated. Because the entire homeopathic market is full of worthless junk that has never been proven to actually treat any condition. If it actually did work, then it wouldn't be a "Vitamin" or "Supplement". It's not labeled a "Vitamin" because the evil Pharm industry doesn't like it and can't make money on it. It's labeled "Vitamin" because it hasn't shown any actual proof of effectiveness.

Regarding "Germ Theory".. Please learn the difference between a scientific theory and a normal casual theory as it is used outside of the scientific world. They are vastly different. Being labeled as theory does not equate to not being true. Far from it. Scientific theories are explanations to explain what we know to be fact. Building a strong immune system does not depend on avoiding vaccinations. They can certainly be safely combined, and it happens all the time.
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