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Originally Posted by Fish View Post
No offense, but you're slipping into a laughable position now. To say there's no funding for actual effective medical research is incredibly ignorant. The pharmaceutical market certainly appreciates their pills that treat symptoms and require continued use. But to say that an actual effective treatment for something important would or could be denied or ignored because Big Pharma can't make as much money is an incredible stretch. The pharmaceutical market couldn't completely control it even if it wanted to.

And in the example with your friend, he didn't get funding because vitamins and other homeopathic items are not regulated. There's an important reason why it's not regulated. Because the entire homeopathic market is full of worthless junk that has never been proven to actually treat any condition. If it actually did work, then it wouldn't be a "Vitamin" or "Supplement". It's not labeled a "Vitamin" because the evil Pharm industry doesn't like it and can't make money on it. It's labeled "Vitamin" because it hasn't shown any actual proof of effectiveness.

Regarding "Germ Theory".. Please learn the difference between a scientific theory and a normal casual theory as it is used outside of the scientific world. They are vastly different. Being labeled as theory does not equate to not being true. Far from it. Scientific theories are explanations to explain what we know to be fact. Building a strong immune system does not depend on avoiding vaccinations. They can certainly be safely combined, and it happens all the time.
Having done this for over 40 years I choose not to waste time on a mind that cannot or will not be willing to consider any other train of thought. All I would ask you is this. We as Americans represent approx 5% of the worlds population and take over 80% of the worlds prescription drugs. If Big Pharma were the answer we should rank number one in overall world health and yet we rank around 37th. Despite having more hospitals, nurses, MRI machines etc than the rest of the world.

Question: So hows that workin for ya?
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