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Yeah, but even with Milliner being a really solid prospect, is he that much better than Rhodes or some of the other Cb's who might be there in the second round?

I'm sure someone will fire with a "same thing with QB's" across my bow, but its not.
That's one of the issues this year. Any comment that can be made about QB can be made about any other position, and vice versa.

Which is why, speaking for myself, I'm so strongly on the idea of drafting QB. Because when player value is equal (and I believe it basically is for all of the top 10 this year - no one has so far separated himself as a or the dominant player) you have to weigh position, and QB is far and away the highest positional value, both in general terms and specific to need here to Kansas City. So if you have, say, Joeckel, Star, Moore, Werner, Fisher, Milliner, and Geno Smith all on the same relative talent tier, Geno Smith leap-frogs them all because of positional value.

Or, since we're in the Tyler Wilson thread, swap Geno's name out for him if that's how your board lays. Same idea, different name.

(And we're likely talking a 2nd quarterback going somewhere in the teens in this draft, if not the top 10; I think people expecting to find Wilson or Barkley at 34 are dreaming).
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